Unilateral Exercises
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Unilateral Exercises To Help Crossfitters Identify & Destroy Weaknesses

If you think about Crossfit. almost all exercises are conjoint and / or bilateral movements. both or either the upper or lower body, and both arms or legs are used. Squat, Deadlift, Pullups … What is not often performed are unilateral or isolated movements.

6. Kettlebell Overhead Press

The kettlebell press is unlike a normal barbell or dumbbell press. This is because of the offset nature of the kettlebell which increases the range of motion.


  1. Clean one kettlebell to the racked position at the shoulder (i.e., with you hand below your chin, elbow in contact with your torso).
  2. Pause motionless in this position for long enough to make sure you will not be using the momentum generated by the clean for the press. Be sure to keep your focus straight ahead.
  3. Press the weight upward with your knees locked. Grip the floor with your feet, contract your quadriceps and pull your knee caps upward. Keep your glutes and abs tight, minimizing back bend.
  4. Recruit your lats, biceps, and grip while pressing. (See the strength tips listed below.)
  5. Actively exhale (i.e., through clenched teeth) while pressing the weight up.
  6. Lock out your elbow and pause motionless with the weight overhead .
  7. Working in the same line of action, actively pull the weight back down to the racked starting position.

It is important to instantly contract your abs, glutes, and lats when you receive the kettlebell. This action is similar to that of taking a body punch; exhale on contact. You can practice heavy kettlebell cleans to help improve your skill at loading the tension for the press. Recruit your grip. Crush the handle of the kettlebell, especially at the sticking point. Make a fist with the free hand in one-arm presses, especially at the sticking point. Try squeezing a gripper or a ball in the free hand.

Try this to assess your own mobility:

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