Unlock the Ultimate Belly Fat Hacks: 14 Mind-Blowing Tricks for Effortless Shredding

Losing belly fat doesn’t have to be torture.

Do you want to learn how to lose belly fat effortlessly? Follow these 14 guidelines and accomplish that.

Our bodies store fat to stock up on energy in case of a future famine. It is our biological way of surviving during harsh moments. Losing weight is already not an easy task, but the skinnier you get, the harder it is to drop body fat. This is what we call stubborn fat and is located in most people on their lower belly, lower back and love handles.

So if you want to know how to lose belly fat effortlessly, check out Max Posternak’s 14 tips and tricks.

Max Posternak is the founder of Gravity Transformation, a website focused on giving tips and training guidance for people looking to improve their fitness and lose weight. His YouTube channel has over 5 million subscribers.

How to Lose Belly Fat Effortlessly

1. Cut Sugar as Much as Possible

Processed sugar makes you crave more sugar in the future and makes natural sources of sugar, like fruit, taste less satisfying.

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2. Shop in Perimeter Aisles at the Market

Nutrition On a Budget

The outside perimeter of the grocery store is where, typically, you find the produce department, the seafood, meat, eggs and dairy. The inner isles are usually where you find all the processed food that will increase your insulin levels and calorie intake.

Some items in the inner aisle you should look for, however, are rice, quinoa and nuts.

3. Pick Single-Ingredient Foods

These are foods that have low-calorie density – the amount it takes up in your stomach is large, but adds few calories. One Oreo cookie has 40 calories (mostly sugar), while you can have the same amount of calories with a cup of broccoli that will make you feel fuller.

4. Avoid Added Sugar

Some items that are regarded as healthy, such as smoothies, could have a lot of added ingredients to help preserve the product, so stay away from them.

5. Drink More Water

But be careful, too much water flushes out vital electrolytes which can endanger your heart.

6. Eat More Protein

Eggs are full of protein

Protein will fill you up and reduce your hunger. It also requires more energy to digest protein and is essential to building muscle.

7. Make Healthy Food Taste Great

Diets that force you to eat something you don’t like or cook things in a bland way are a sure path to failure. Add enough olive oil, seasoning and spices to your meals to make them taste great.

Putting just a tiny amount of olive oil in the frying pan can save you some calories, but restricting it too much can lead you to binge eating and failure in the long run.

8. Make Use of Occasional Cheat Meal

how to lose belly fat effortlessly

Only do this after you fill up your stomach. This will take off the edge of your hunger and save you a lot of calories before you go eat three slices of cake.

9. Restrict Alcohol Ingestion

Fat is metabolised in the liver, so you want it to be able to break down fat rather than being busy digesting alcohol.

10. Eat More Soluble Fibre

This will greatly reduce your hunger levels helping you feel fuller for longer. Think oats, avocado and Brussel sprouts.

11. Select the Right Type of Exercises

Although diet is imperative, choosing the right exercise can help speed things up.

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12. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep will make your muscles recover and grow. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns on a daily basis. Sleeping will also balance your hormones to ideal levels to lose belly fat.

13. Add High-Intensity Training to Boost Fat Loss

How to lose belly fat effortlessly once you have diet, sleep and training in check? Add some HIIT exercises to boost fat loss a little bit further. This should be used when you hit a plateau, especially.

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14. Adjust Diet Times/Amounts to Make You Less Hungry

This could mean you need to do fasting for the majority of the day and have a couple of large meals. Intermittent fasting can be effective for fat loss without having to eat all day long.

For some other people, it might be easier to control hunger levels by having multiple small meals throughout the day. You need to find out what works best for you while maintaining a caloric deficit.

Those are the 14 tips on how to lose belly fat effortlessly. If you want to know more about each specific item, check out the full video from Max Posternak below.

VIDEO – How to Lose Belly Fat Effortlessly

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