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Watch Gymnast and Climber Compete in 3 Fitness Challenges

The first fitness challenge looks a lot like the beginning of a CrossFit WOD.

A professional gymnast and a professional rock climber competed against each other in 3 fitness challenges. Find out what challenges those were by watching the video below.

Magnus Rognan Midtbo is a Norwegian rock climber and a YouTube video blogger. He retired from competitive climbing in 2017 but continues to try new things fitness related. This time he decided to compete against gymnast Odin Kalvo, a 2018 Nordic champion.

Before they jumped into the fitness challenges, Odin showed three different gymnastics challenges to Magnus who failed to perform a single one.

Watch the video below of Magnus Midtbo and Odin Kalvo competing in 3 fitness challenges.

The first 3 advanced gymnastics challenges were:

  1. Fingers crossed beyond the feet.

Cross your fingers on your hand, laid down on the floor with your legs stretch in front of you. Instead of touching your toes when you do a normal stretch, try to reach beyond your feet and pass your hands behind them, without touching them.

  • A push-up

Lay down on the floor, in a cobra-like position, and push your body vertically to a handstand.

  • From headstand to handstand/handstand to push up

Put your head on the mat and lift your legs in the air to perform a normal headstand. From that position, push your body up vertically.

Next, you start in a handstand position, and lower your body down, performing the second part of a handstand push-up. Roll your head forward, curl your body as you touch the ground and keep your legs straight, then in a swift movement push your body back in the handstand position.

After Magnus failed at trying the last fitness challenge, they finally began the viral fitness challenges.

Fitness Challenges

  1. 5-5-5

In this fitness challenge, you must do 5 muscle-up, 5 bar dips, and 5 pull-ups without letting go of the bar, always on the air. The gymnast chose to do them on rings instead of the bar.

This eerily looks familiar to CrossFitters as it can easily be the first round of normal WOD.

fitness challengesSource: Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc.
  • Put on and take off the shirt while doing a l-sit on the bar.

This challenge also needs a bar, as you will put on your shirt and take it off again while hanging from the bar. At all times you must maintain the l-sit position while hanging in the air.

  • Army push-ups

Lay flat on the ground, arms stretch out, then do a push-up with arms straight forward. But that seemed to be too easy for both climber and gymnast.

They then proceeded to do with one leg in the air, diminishing the point of contact with the ground and making it harder to keep it stable.

Fitness ChallengesSource: Stillframe from video

After that, they pushed a bit further by performing the push-up with one arm in the air.

Finally, they attempted the harder version of the fitness challenge: with one arm and one leg in the air at the same time. At first, they both suceeded utilising their stronger arm to keep the balance, but when tried with the weaker side of their body, they both failed to maintain the body above the ground for long enough.

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