Weakness Destroying Bodyweight Workouts for ALL CrossFit Athletes (Scaled Options Included)

Bodyweight Workouts can be deceptively brutal and serve as an excellent way to improve your endurance and mental toughness. "Chelsea proved that a powerful cardiorespiratory stimulus could be generated through simple calisthenic workouts." - CrossFit Journal, 2006 Add these WODs into your ...

Bodyweight Workouts – The Migraine

For time:

1000m-100m rowing
100-10 double-unders

bodyweight workouts

This workout was made to practice patience as well as double-unders under fatigue. Start with 1000 meter row and 100 double-unders. Continue with 900 meters and 90 double-unders. Follow this scheme until you complete the last set of 100 meter row and 10 double-unders. All together this means 5.5 kilometer row and 550 double-unders.

Bodyweight workouts Score: time it took you to complete all reps and meters.


Bodyweight workouts.

Within 2o min time frame:

100 burpees over the rower
row for max distance

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bodyweight workouts

Start with burpees. When you finish the last rep, 100 burpees, jump on the rower and max out until 20 minutes are over. If you need a good mental training this Crossfit workout will definitely do its job properly.

Score: total distance rowed in meters.



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