Weakness Destroying Bodyweight Workouts for CrossFit Athletes (with Scaling Options)

We understand if you can’t make it to the gym. But that’s still no excuse to skip your workout altogether. There are plenty of home bodyweight CrossFit workouts you can do to burn fat and build muscle.

Bodyweight Workouts can be deceptively brutal and serve as an excellent way to improve your endurance and mental toughness.

Add these bodyweight workouts into your training…


6 rounds of:
1 minute of burpees
1 minute of air squats
1 minute of double unders
1 minute rest

The bodyweight version of The Ghost; replicating six three-minute rounds in a fight. Don’t hold back, this is about mental toughness.

Advanced scores would be 20 burpees, 50 air squats and 70 double unders.
Intermediate would be 17 burpees, 45 air squats, 60 double unders.
Beginners aim for 10-15 burpees, 30-40 air squats and 40-50 double unders.

Aim to match each round rep for rep!

If you are new to double unders this is the PERFECT workout to practice them, it is controlled by the time limit which means that you won’t get held back by this movement. Use each minute to do as many double under attempts as possible.

My guidance is to always start each attempt with 2 single unders then jump extra high when you go for your double under. It’s easy to default to singles in workouts but it’s mega-important that you practice a high-intensity workout environment – you will surprise yourself!

CrossFit Bodyweight workoutsSource: CrossFit Inc


For Time
Air squats
Burpee jumping knee tucks
Score is the time it takes to complete the task.

The movement standards for the air squat are the same, squat down below parallel and full extention at the end (knees, hips).
For the burpee jumping knee tuck, you are doing a burpee and a jumping knee tuck instead of just jumping and claping at the end. Jump both knees up at the same time towards your chest. The goal on the jumping knee tuck is to jump end get your knees as high as you can, at least at the same line as your hips.

This workout is designed to get your heart rate up really fast, so be careful not starting too crazy. Pace yourself and be prepared for the second part of the workout, the wave. Your body will be tired and you probably will be thinking about cheating on the jumping knee tuck part of the burpees, not getting your knees up.

If you need to scale, one option is:

For Time
Air squats
Burpees jumping knee tucks

This is just one scaling option. The goal is always to keep the intensity high on your workout.

If you need to scale up, or if you have dumbbells at you home, you can give it a try and do the squats with weights!


5 Rounds For Time
20 Pull-Ups
30 Push-Ups
40 Sit-Ups
50 Air Squats
3 minutes Rest
Complete 5 rounds of the repetitions in the order written. After each set of 50 Air Squats, you must take a 3 minute Rest. Time each round for reference and pacing purposes.

Score is total time to complete all 5 rounds, including the prescribed rest. (Note: Do not include the last 3 minute Rest period after Round 5 in your overall score.)

Good Times for “Barbara” (estimate)
– Beginner: 50+ minutes
– Intermediate: 40-49 minutes
– Advanced: 30-39 minutes
– Elite: <29 minutes

Tips and Strategy

Go fast and as unbroken as possible. If you need to break the reps into sets, do a “descending”/”cascading” rep scheme so the volume decreases as you go through the sets. For example, during the sets of Push-Ups: 12, 8, 6, 4.

Intended Stimulus

When athletes see that there is built-in Rest in “Barbara,” they mistakenly believe that this workout will be easier than others; but in fact, “Barbara” is harder, because you can (and should) go uncomfortably fast during the “working” portion of the WOD. You should feel your arms, legs, and lungs burn deeply every time you enter a 3-minute Rest period, which should fly by, making you question whether or not your clock is working properly.

Scaling Options

“Barbara” is meant to be done fast and relatively unbroken. This WOD is a true interval-style workout with built-in rest, which allows you to go hard during the “working” portion and recover during the 3 Minute Rest period.

To maintain the integrity of Barbara, scale the volume and/or the skill level (see: Push-Up Scaling | Pull-Up Scaling) so you can speed through the movements.

5 Rounds for Time
10 Pull-Ups
20 Push-Ups
30 Sit-Ups
40 Air Squats
3 minutes Rest

5 Rounds for Time
10 Ring Rows
15 Bench/Incline Push-Ups
20 Anchored Sit-Ups
25 Air Squats
3 minutes Rest


For Time
50 Air Squats
50 Double-Unders
50 Thrusters (pick object and load)
50 Double-Unders
50 Burpees
50 Double-Unders
50 Alternating Lunges
50 Double-Unders
50 Snatches (pick object and load)
50 Double-Unders
50 Push-Ups
With a running clock, as fast as possible complete the prescribed work in the order written.

Score is the time on the clock when the 50th Push-Up is completed.

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