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Weight Loss – 8 Actionable Tips to Help You Transform Your Body

Are you ready to lose weight? Add these tips into your daily routine and enjoy the results.

 5. Weight Loss – Do cardio sparingly

Many people put incredible importance on cardio for weight loss, but it’s not as essential for success as many imagine.  The truth is, cardio is a tool. One that allows us to burn a few hundred extra calories and thus lose a bit more fat.

healthy foods for crossfitters to eat for energy

Healthy foods for crossfitters

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But even if you don’t do much (or any) cardio, you can still lose weight effectively.  If you don’t do any, then a good recommendation is to start with 20 minutes every second day and slowly increase the volume over the weeks and months.

 6. Don’t forget to drink water

Water is incredibly healthy for us because it is involved in numerous processes. But that’s not all: water is incredibly valuable during weight loss because it has appetite-suppressing qualities.

More often than not, we think we are hungry when we are really only thirsty. Rather than reach for a snack, drink a glass of water and see how you feel.

Stay healthy for longer healthy heart

Stay healthy for longer

Use water strategically before, during, and after meals to increase satiety and aid digestion. Remember, accountability and discipline are vital.

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