Weight Loss – 8 Actionable Tips to Help You Transform Your Body

Are you ready to lose weight? Add these tips into your daily routine and enjoy the results.

7.  Weight Loss – Find a knowledgeable coach

There are a lot of moving parts and plenty of things to consider. As a beginner, it would be very beneficial to find a knowledgeable personal trainer who can teach you the basics and give you the tools you need for success.  You can most definitely succeed without one, but they make the journey much simpler and quicker.

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Rather than waste money on ineffective strategies, you get the roadmap to success. All you need to do is follow your personal trainer’s advice, learn the lessons for later, and apply yourself to the process. Training in a class environment, as is the way with CrossFit, will hold you accountable for your actions and encourage you to stick to your new plans. 

 8. Most importantly, do things you can sustain

Let’s face it, we all want quick results. It’s human nature.  But the harsh truth about quick results (and those who promise them) is that they are either short-lived or complete lies.

Weight Loss and crash diets

Crash diets help you lose a lot of weight quickly, sure, but most people gain all the weight back in a week or two. That’s because these diets are not sustainable and, worse, highly-restrictive.

Sure, you can push through for a bit, but once hunger and fatigue catch up, you sacrifice all the results by binge-eating for a few days — the common ‘yo-yo’ effect.

That’s why you need to do things at your own pace, in a sustainable way. Who cares if you don’t lose 20 pounds in two months? However many pounds you do lose will be lost for good because you will focus on sound strategies and good habits, rather than gimmicks and ‘tricks’.

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