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5 Ways to Make Weight Loss Easier and More Fun for CrossFit Athletes

5. Worry Less About What Exercise You Do for Weight Loss

People ask it all the time: What’s the best exercise for weight loss? The honest answer is nothing. There’s no magic exercise for weight loss. The only way exercise helps weight loss in general is by increasing overall caloric expenditure related to caloric intake, but how that happens doesn’t really matter. A common reason dieters fail is they adhere to a grueling cardio schedule that they hate and isn’t sustainable, only to rev up their appetites and completely negate their hard work by eating a ton of food after they’re done working out, which ultimately results in zero progress. The best exercise is the exercise that you enjoy doing and makes you the most healthy & fit. Trying to pick exercising that “seems best” for weight loss specifically is not a good strategy, especially if you know you’ll hate doing what you’ve picked.

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The truth is that weight loss is actually really simple. Or at least it can be. But, people often over complicate things for no reason. The other aspect of it all is that a sad truth is that the health and fitness industry sometimes over complicates things on purpose, because over complication predicates failure, and the most profitable diet customers are perpetually failing repeat diet customers. So, heed these 5 tips to help make things as easy as possible, and best of luck on your health & fitness journey.

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