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Why a No Rep Can Be The Best Rep

Hearing ‘no rep’ is never satisfying but once you know how to deal with it, you can learn from your mistakes and come back stronger

Is the push worth it if the result is a no rep? It can be so frustrating to hear those two words. When you are putting 100% of your effort in and you are almost there, and it is with dreadful anticipation you see the judge’s lips part and say the words: no rep. All your efforts seem like they have gone to waste – but have they?

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No one wants to hear “no rep”, be it in the Open, Regionals, the Games, or even a local competition. You become upset in the heat of the moment and lose focus. Nevertheless, that no rep can be the catalyst that pushes an athlete to be better next time; to try even harder and push further to accomplish their goals.


A no rep can indicate that the athlete has reached exhaustion. So just take a breath and get back to it when you’re ready.  Maybe you didn’t hit the wallball line, or your arms didn’t lock out at the top of a push jerk. So what? Set it down and breathe.

Too often, a no rep leads to more no reps out of frustration. Calm down and go at it again.


No reps can also show that a certain move needs improving. If that’s the case, spend more time in the gym specifically focusing on perfecting it. Make time for accessory work.

Your movements won’t come together if you don’t put the time and effort in. When you work on a specific movement, really work on it. Don’t cheat your reps or pretend to put the time in. Doing or not doing accessory work will show.

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Every athlete has room for improvement, from professional CrossFitters to the grandmas who do CrossFit as rehab. With the extra work come milestones and accomplishments that might seem very far away now. Goals can be achieved by spending ten minutes of specific work on them every day – use your time at the Box.


Ultimately, a no rep could also be a calling to get your mind back into place. Workouts are meant to be fast and efficient, but by no means is sloppy form acceptable for any CrossFitter. When no rep is called, take a second – or even longer if needed – to reorganize your thoughts.

Think back to why you started this journey; as a whole or this specific feat. Get into game mode. Maybe the blaring music can help revamp your spirits, focus in on the empowering lyrics and try again.

There can be room for meditation in all the frenzy of CrossFit. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Remember all the pointers and tips to help you get to the end.

You can always quit; it takes a real athlete to stick with it and challenge themselves.

Never feel discouraged by a no rep in a workout. There’s so much you can learn from it as an athlete. Refocus and persevere. A no rep is not an accomplishment nor will it get you further in the moment, but it can lead to a lot of improvement and make you stronger, mentally and physically. Work to never hear those two words, but know what to do if a no rep is thrown your way.