Why All Crossfitters Should be Doing More Front Squats

Learn how to build power, core strength, leg drive, improve coordination and analyse your own weaknesses with Front Squats.


Heavier front squats can develop impressive core strength. Put simply, your core is the base for almost all the functional movements you will ever perform. It allows you to:

  • Stabilise movement
  • Transfer and control force throughout your body
  • Protect your spine
  • Support your other limbs

The collection of muscles that make up this trunk of your body help to control and transform the force that you create into the movements you want to perform. From throwing a stone into a lake, picking up vegetables from the bottom of the fridge, or hitting a new Deadlift PR, core stability and strength is vital for enabling you to complete a huge array of activities.

During the front squat, a great part of the stabilisation comes from your core, and this stress will strengthen its abilities to support your body and the weight.

core strength front squats

The core muscles

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