7 Reasons Why CrossFit Athletes Hate Wall Balls

Thrusters, push presses and wall balls could all possibly fit into the same category: metabolic, mental conditioning! Here are seven reasons why we don’t always like them.

1. From Beginners to Pros: no one can escape them.

The task: goblet squat combined with a push/throw of the ball up to the target.


Wall balls are a simple and efficient way to train the fundamentals of movement later used for weightlifting. You don’t need advanced skills to use them as metabolic conditioning exercise to spice up your workout. Which means no one is immune to them. There’s not a single “I am beginner” excuse that could be valid to use. They are a safe and efficient way to burn out your hands first, followed by legs the very next day – whole body movement. Remember Karen?

2. Being Hobbit height: real challenge happens here.

Problem: Target height versus your body height


Usual target height is 3 meters for men, 2.7 for women. Sounds low, but not so when you have 150 reps ahead. The struggle however begins when your body height is under average. Being smaller means having a longer ball path/target distance, and therefore a bigger energy output.

To jump when throwing up? Depends how tired your hands are, and your height. When my hands get tired, I usually start to jump a little just to give my hands a bit of rest.

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