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6 Best Dumbbell Only Biceps Exercises for Mass

Upgrade your guns.

Check out these dumbbell only biceps exercises for mass from Muscle Monsters.

6 Dumbbell Only Biceps Exercises for Mass

“If you walk into any commercial gym, you’ll likely see most men training either chest or biceps. It seems everyone wants a big set of arms and a big chest. And who’s to blame them?”

Arm-Workouts reverse curl Dumbbell Only Biceps Exercises for Mass

“These muscle groups look great, and they can set your physique apart from the rest. That’s why hundreds if not thousands of videos on YouTube talk about how you can grow your arms. From the anatomy of the biceps to the “best” exercises you can do to grow big guns.”

“If you’re interested in learning more about the anatomy and biomechanics of the biceps, we recommend you check out this video:”

“But for those of you who are looking to add more dumbbell biceps exercises to their routine and understand the science behind these recommendations, then this video is for you.”

“In this video, we share 6 dumbbell exercises that will undoubtedly add some inches to your biceps.”

Video – 6 Dumbbell Only Biceps Exercises for Mass

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Add the Pallof Press and Cable Crunch into your training.


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