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BOXROX is the largest competitive fitness and functional sports online magazine. We are a trusted source for fitness and health enthusiasts of all levels to learn about training, workouts, nutrition and health, and stay up to date with news from the functional training scene.

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Robbie holds two world swimming records – one for finishing a 145km river in 9 days – and CrossFit is a huge part of his fitness program. Robbie enjoys uniting his passions for literature and CrossFit at BOXROX.


Journalist obsessed with sports and competitions. Ready to try out anything new, even that up-and-coming diet.

Kristiyan Katsarov


Kristiyan is our IT-guru. There is no problem our administrator cannot fix and he is a helping hand everywhere he’s needed. Kristiyan keeps himself fit in the gym.


Leo was responsible for the business development of the magazine. He works out and lifts heavy in boxes around the world since 2011.

Stefan Berntheisel


Stefan was responsible for the technical development of the magazine. He is in a constant love-hate-relationship with CrossFit and helps the current team implement the best technical features available in the web.

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With over 200 contributors from all over the world, we have developed a unique community full of enthusiasm, sportsmanship and knowledge.

Our contributors range from expert dietitians, fitness coaches, sports nutritionists and relevant authors in the fitness and health scene. 

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