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BOXROX – Competitive Fitness Magazine is the world’s most widely reaching magazine for fans of Crossfit and functional fitness. With 250.000 monthly readers from more than 180 countries it connects the worldwide fitness community. The magazine and its 120+ active contributors currently cover manytopics including Crossfit, weightlifting, nutrition, lifestyle and community related news. Everything that a fitness fan is searching for.

Who is BOXROX? Meet the team.


Clemens is the "go to guy" of online-marketing and our sponsors and advertisers. He is a sports manager and holds a business law degree. He wrote his master thesis about member retention in CrossFit and currently trains at CrossFit Potsdam. Clemens enjoys any kind of sports.


Kristiyan is our IT-guru. There is no problem our administrator cannot fix and he is a helping hand everywhere he's needed. Kristiyan is the only non-Crossfitter in our team but keeps himself fit in the gym.


Stefan is the co-founder of BOXROX and was responsible for the technical development of the magazine. He is in a constant love-hate-relationship with Crossfit and helps the current team to implement the best technical features available in the web.


Robbie is the editor-in-chief of BOXROX. He holds two world swimming records - one for finishing a 145km river in 9 days - and Crossfit is a huge part of his fitness program. Robbie enjoys uniting his passions for literature and Crossfit at BOXROX.


Leo is the co-founder of BOXROX and was responsible for the business development of the magazine. He works out and lifts heavy in boxes around the world since 2011 and helps the current team to develop the best magazine for competitive fitness.

Our contributors

With 100+ contributors from all over Europe and the rest of the world, a unique community full of enthusiasm, sportsmanship and knowledge developed.

Adam Dehaty

Adam Newman


Aisha Williams

Sels Photography

Alejandro Fernandez Azcona

Alex Gendron

Alex Reed

Alicja Dembna

Alina Petre, MSc. RD.

Allison Gapter

Amy Mia Goldsmith

Anabel Cooper

Andreea Itu

Panni Bakonyi

Annabelle Nagy

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