Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault to Miss CrossFit Semifinal Due to “Health Issues”

The Canadian athlete would compete in the CrossFit Atlas Games next weekend.

VIDEO: 10-Year-Old Bennett Wins Dead-Hang Challenge Set By Mat Fraser

Bennet got to meet Mat Fraser and won two tickets to the CrossFit Games.

Janelle Stites, Who Qualified For The CrossFit Games, Faces Possible Sanctions After Breach of Drug Policy

Janelle Stites is part of the team On Track who qualified 5th place at the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge.

Chandler Smith to Donate Half His Prize Money to Important Non-Profits

The Granite Games podium athlete said he’ll continue to work to try and bring positive change and fight against injustice.

Mat Fraser Flips Off Dave Castro (Plus Mat’s Epic WOD for You to Try)

Mat Fraser gave Dave Castro the middle finger while doing a workout at the Granite Games.

All 6 CrossFit Online Semifinal Workouts Announced

These are the workouts athletes across five online Semifinals will tackle in hopes of earning a qualifying spot for the 2021 CrossFit Games.

Watch Christine Middleton Break the CrossFit Record for Clean and Jerk

The American athlete lifted 265 lb (120 kg) in event 1 at the Granit Games.

Anthony Davis Breaks CrossFit Record at the Granite Games With Enormous Snatch

The first day of the Granite Games opened to two record-breaking lifts.

Highlights from The Granite Games; Teens Dominate, Who is Going to the CrossFit Games

The Granite Games is over! Here are the biggest updates you might have missed.

NOBULL’s New Pride Collection Sparks Debate Over Design

NOBULL unveiled their brand new Pride Collection for June to some mixed reactions.

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