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Muscle and Strength

Learn how to build muscle and increase strength with these top workouts and programs. From the 4 day split program to German volume training.

These are your tools to build mass.

Differences Between Training for Size and for Strength

Although very similar, training for size is different than training for strength. Learn how you can focus on one rather than the other depending on your goals.

Top Training Programs to Gain Size and Mass

Change your body and learn the technical skills and information you need with these top muscle and strength building programs.

Light Weight vs Heavy Weight: The Science Behind It

Taking into consideration numeral studies published in the past, you should know which one is best for muscle growth.

Muscle and Strength

New to training?

Check out our beginners section for workouts, training techniques, advice, important lessons, and other helpful tips for fitness beginners and everyone at the start of their training journey.

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