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  • Brooke Ence: How to Learn From Your Failures

    "BUT i cannot be greedy with my training, any ...
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  • Try the Burgener Warm Up To Improve Your Snatch

    “Guaranteed: If you do this every single day, ...
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  • 7 Exercises to Improve Squat Mobility for Crossfitters

    From hip opening routines to increasing ankle ...
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  • 7 Dynamite Exercises to Build Pressing Strength for Crossfitters

    Pressing strength is vital if you want to improve ...
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  • Try This Active Recovery Exercise and Improve Your Squats

    Keep moving during your recovery days.
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  • Acyclical Vs Cyclical Movements. Do You Implement Them Both Into Your Training?

    Try to play with those exercises and find out what ...
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  • The Best BOXROX Crossfit Interviews of 2017

    In 2017 BOXROX talked to many elite level ...
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  • Meet Lasse Rantala: Founder of The Athlete Training Protocol

    Find out what makes a good coach, what is ...
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  • Pat Vellner Interview: Strengths, Weaknesses and Mindset With The 3rd Fittest Man on Earth
  • Interview with Tia-Clair Toomey: A Year in The Life of The CrossFit Games Champion

    From the Olympics in 2016 to winning The CrossFit ...
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  • Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Spence: Interview with Military Background CrossFit Athlete
  • Talking Training and CrossFit With Games Athlete Adrian Mundwiler

    25 y.o. Adrian is from Switzerland with 15 years ...
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  • Klokov’s Lifetime Best Snatch at 206kg

    Watch the former Olympic Medalist hit his lifetime PR.
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  • Aleksey Torokhtiy Plays Some Interesting Games to Test His Mobility!

    "It was a quiet training until my friend Yuriy decided to play chicken with me."
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  • Working Hard Pays Off: Shocked Crossfitter Meets Katrin Davidsdottir
  • Camille Leblanc-Bazinet´s Mum PRs Her Clean!

    "Age is just a number and having the right attitude is everything."
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  • Brent Fikowski Shares His Thoughts On Life Goals

    "Make sure everyday you are working on something towards future."
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  • Brent Fikowski: 3 Reasons Why Handstand Walking is like Life


  • Why Eating Enough is More Important than Eating Clean

    It can be close to impossible to eat clean 100% of ...
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  • Nutritional Excellence: 5 Types of Fitness Food to Fuel Performance

    Refine your nutrition, make a commitment to ...
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  • Post Workout Recovery Shake: What Your Body Needs?

    Why it’s useful to mix protein with carbohydrates ...
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Girls that lift

  • Anna Hulda’s EMOM in Last Week of Pregnancy (39 Weeks)
  • A Better Beautiful – How Crossfit Helped me Redefine My Relationship with My Body

    I’m not talking about a fabulous incredible bikini ...
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  • 10 Motivational CrossFit Women to Follow on Instagram

    10 amazing athletes to help inspire you every day.
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Motivation for women

  • CROSSFIT TRANSFORMATIONS – Alexis Johnson Explains How She Overcame Her Demons and Completely Transformed Her Body

    "It took almost 2 years to truly overcome my eating disorder, and for a LONG ...
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  • How to Find the Perfect Sports Bra for Training

    The perfect sports bra will support you through tough workouts, feel ...
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  • How CrossFit is Helping to Narrow the Gender Equality Gap in Sport

    CrossFit offers a pioneering approach towards gender equality and fitness that ...
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  • 5 Problems Only Women Who Lift Will Understand