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  • Punishing Kettlebell Workout for Crossfitters (with Gorilla Cleans)

    The kettlebell is just an exercise tool like the ...
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  • Why Visualization Techniques Will Help You Become a Better Crossfitter

    A valuable mental technique that will help you ...
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  • 5 Preventative Measures to Help Avoid Back Pain

    Back pain is a common problem, here are some great ...
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  • 7 Exercises That Have Been Featured EVERY Year in The CrossFit Open

    Master these 7 exercises and you will give ...
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  • Carry Yourself – 9 Exercises to Build Unstoppable Upper Body Strength

    Nine key exercises to build power, muscle and ...
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  • 7 Alternative Exercises from Julien Pineau and How to Do them Properly

    When was the last time you added a Yates Row, One ...
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  • Aleksey Torokhtiy – Weightlifting Tips from an Olympic Champion!

    Take advice from a man that can power jerk 255 kg. ...
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  • The Best BOXROX Crossfit Interviews of 2017

    In 2017 BOXROX talked to many elite level ...
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  • Meet Lasse Rantala: Founder of The Athlete Training Protocol

    Find out what makes a good coach, what is ...
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  • Pat Vellner Interview: Strengths, Weaknesses and Mindset With The 3rd Fittest Man on Earth

    We talked to the popular Canadian Crossfitter Pat ...
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  • Interview with Tia-Clair Toomey: A Year in The Life of The CrossFit Games Champion

    From the Olympics in 2016 to winning The CrossFit ...
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  • Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Spence: Interview with Military Background CrossFit Athlete


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  • Why CrossFit is a Lifestyle, Not Just a Competition

    The vast majority of the time when I try to explain that I do CrossFit and what ...
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  • Sitting is the New Smoking: Why Inactivity is so Bad for Your Body
  • Amazing New PB For Samantha Briggs!

    The UK legend is starting the year in style!
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  • Watch this 30 Second Strict Muscle Up from Ben Smith!
  • Unbelievable Transformation From The World’s Strongest Man – Eddie Hall
  • Great Message on Body Image from Brooke Wells

    Brooke Wells sending positive vibes.
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  • Why Eating Enough is More Important than Eating Clean

    It can be close to impossible to eat clean 100% of ...
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  • Nutritional Excellence: 5 Types of Fitness Food to Fuel Performance

    Refine your nutrition, make a commitment to ...
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  • Post Workout Recovery Shake: What Your Body Needs?

    Why it’s useful to mix protein with carbohydrates ...
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Girls that lift

  • 5 Problems That Every Female Crossfitter Faces

    5 different experiences that every female ...
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  • Anna Hulda’s EMOM in Last Week of Pregnancy (39 Weeks)
  • A Better Beautiful – How Crossfit Helped me Redefine My Relationship with My Body

    I’m not talking about a fabulous incredible bikini ...
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Motivation for women

  • 10 Motivational CrossFit Women to Follow on Instagram

    10 amazing athletes to help inspire you every day.
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  • CROSSFIT TRANSFORMATIONS – Alexis Johnson Explains How She Overcame Her Demons and Completely Transformed Her Body

    "It took almost 2 years to truly overcome my eating disorder, and for a LONG ...
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  • How to Find the Perfect Sports Bra for Training

    The perfect sports bra will support you through tough workouts, feel ...
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  • How CrossFit is Helping to Narrow the Gender Equality Gap in Sport

    CrossFit offers a pioneering approach towards gender equality and fitness that ...
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