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  • The CrossFit Open is Here! – Strategy, Skill and Efficiency Tips for The Next 5 Weeks

    The Open is upon us! Time to pick up extra tips to ...
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  • Try Camille Leblanc Bazinet’s 1 Minute Tandem Push Up Challenge

    Try something fun over the weekend to help you ...
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  • The Best Muscle Up Motivation Ever Invented for Crossfitters!

    Sometimes all it takes is a little extra motivation!


  • Anna Tuncliffe and Ben Stoneberg: Performance, Recovery and Tracking Success

    If you are serious about improving yourself as an ...
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  • 5 Interviews with 5 Inspiring Female Crossfitters from 2016

    These 5 interviews delve deeper into strategy, ...
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  • 6 Tips to Improve your Snatch & Clean from Freyja Mist Olafsdottir

    Freyja is the 2x Junior Nordic Weightlifting ...
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  • Ben Smith on Why He Trains and The Evolution of The CrossFit Games

    Ben Smith has competed at The CrossFit Games every year since 2009, winning in ...
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  • Wednesday WOD from Josh Bridges and the Story Behind his New T Shirt

    Time to step up your game and race Josh in this workout, and check out the story ...
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  • Rich Froning’s Daughter is Already Following in Her Father’s Footsteps

    Baby Froning working on her d ball cleans and "piglet" flips.

  • CrossFit Games Winner Mat Fraser Explains The Mentality of A Champion

    “No, no. I do not have an addiction to suffering. I have an addiction to what ...
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  • Why Eating Enough is More Important than Eating Clean

    It can be close to impossible to eat clean 100% of ...
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  • Nutritional Excellence: 5 Types of Fitness Food to Fuel Performance

    Refine your nutrition, make a commitment to ...
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  • Post Workout Recovery Shake: What Your Body Needs?

    Why it’s useful to mix protein with carbohydrates ...
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Girls that lift

  • Forget Diamonds – Why Crossfit Should be Every Girl’s Best Friend

    The truth about women and “bulk”, how Crossfit ...
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  • The 10 Most Popular BOXROX Articles for Female Crossfitters

    With topics such as body image, weight loss, ...
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  • Brooke Wells: 6 Tips to Become A Better Crossfitter

    How can you turn your weaknesses into strengths? ...
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Motivation for women

  • Motivation Tips for Female Crossfitters: Train Hard and Love Yourself

    These 9 tips will help motivate you to push on, succeed and hit your personal ...
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  • Love Yourself because Weight Loss is not a Destination

    ‘It’s taken me almost a decade to really love my body, I have weightlifting to ...
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  • Brooke Ence and Equality through Crossfit

    Recently, I had the opportunity to meet CrossFit Games athlete Brooke Ence, one ...
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  • Maya Nassar: The World’s First Arabic Fitness Model

    Maya is the first ever government endorsed fitness model and competitor in ...
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