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  • Tips and Scaling Options to Improve Your Handstand Push Up Technique

    If you are still struggling with your handstand ...
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  • 4 Awesome Lifts from the Klokov Power Weekend

    Ever seen a 200 kg thruster? Or a 164 kg strict ...
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  • The Only 6 Muscle Up Progressions You Will Ever Need!

    Here are 6 muscle up progressions to help you get ...
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  • 6 Tips to Improve your Snatch & Clean from Freyja Mist Olafsdottir

    Freyja is the 2x Junior Nordic Weightlifting ...
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  • Maya Nassar: The World’s First Arabic Fitness Model

    Maya is the first ever government endorsed fitness ...
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  • Alessandra Pichelli: How to Avoid injuries and Train like a CF Games Athlete

    Learn more about how to train for the unexpected, ...
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  • One Step at a Time (My Crossfit Journey)

    If you are reading this and think that you cannot because of whatever reason is ...
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  • Cyber Weekend: TOP 10 Deals

    Check out the biggest discounts from all your favourite functional fitness companies.

  • Perspectives on Training from a 71 yr Old Crossfit Coach

    Age is never an excuse! Frank started Crossfit aged 66 after a career in the ...
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  • Where and How to Watch The 2016 Reebok CrossFit Invitational Event

    On Sunday the 20th November, teams of some of the best Crossfitters in the world ...
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  • Why Eating Enough is More Important than Eating Clean

    It can be close to impossible to eat clean 100% of ...
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  • Nutritional Excellence: 5 Types of Fitness Food to Fuel Performance

    Refine your nutrition, make a commitment to ...
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  • Post Workout Recovery Shake: What Your Body Needs?

    Why it’s useful to mix protein with carbohydrates ...
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Girls that lift

  • Brooke Wells: 6 Tips to Become A Better Crossfitter

    How can you turn your weaknesses into strengths? ...
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  • Motivation Tips for Female Crossfitters: Train Hard and Love Yourself

    These 9 tips will help motivate you to push on, ...
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  • Love Yourself because Weight Loss is not a Destination

    ‘It’s taken me almost a decade to really love my ...
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Motivation for women

  • Brooke Ence and Equality through Crossfit

    Recently, I had the opportunity to meet CrossFit Games athlete Brooke Ence, one ...
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  • A Sport for Everybody: How Crossfit Promotes Gender Equality

    Crossfit is one of the sports that truly promotes gender equality and it's focus ...
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  • 5 Crossfit Lessons to learn from Lauren Fisher

    #GrownStrong: Lauren Fisher won the Californian Regionals and is now one of the ...
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  • Thuri Erla Helgadottir: Strategy, Mobility and Technique in Crossfit

    Small but mighty Thuri is an incredibly talented 4 x CrossFit Games Athlete and ...
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