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7 Sit Ups Abs Workouts for a Stronger Core (Full Beginner and Scaled Options Included)

Why: The sit-up is a fundamental movement used to build abdominal strength. Along with other bodyweight core movements like superman holds, plank holds, and hollow rocks, sit-ups are both simplistic (which makes them perfect for a hotel room WOD) and highly effective. And the sit-up (often used with an Ab-Mat) builds the abdominal strength needed to perform more advanced movements like the L-Sit and GHD sit-ups.

Set-Up: Start with the soles of your feet together. Your upper back and shoulders should be on the ground. Your hands should touch the ground behind your head.


Execution: Flex your abdominals and pull your torso up to a seated position. During the ascent, reach your arms forward. To complete the movement, stack your shoulders over your hips and extend your spine.

Points of Performance: To get a “good rep,” ensure the following:
– You start with your hands on the ground, over your head
– You finish with your shoulders over your hips

Pro-Tip: Keep your feet in contact with the ground during the ascent and descent of the sit-up. If you use the momentum of your legs to help with the movement, you lose out on lower abdominal recruitment.


Add these into your training


50-40-30-20-10 Reps For Time
Complete the work in the order listed: 50 Double-Unders, followed by 50 Sit-Ups. Then 40 Double-Unders, followed by 40 Sit-Ups. Then 30 of each. Then 20 of each. Then 10 of each.

Score is the time it takes to complete all 300 repetitions.

Good Times for “Annie” (source)
– Beginner: 10-12 minutes
– Intermediate: 8-10 minutes
– Advanced: 7-8 minutes
– Elite: <6 minutes

Tips and Strategy

Go fast but stay efficient. Use good form to avoid burning out and tripping on the Double-Unders. Break if necessary in the earlier rounds but try to sprint and go unbroken in the last three rounds.

Intended Stimulus

This fast workout is a descending rep couplet, intended to be a sprint. At the end of “Annie,” you should feel like you just ran a really fast 2K. Keep it under 10 minutes to maintain the integrity of the WOD. This is not a time to practice your Double-Unders–scale to Single-Unders if you’re not proficient at doubles yet.

Scaling Options

This WOD is meant to be relatively short—most athletes should finish “Annie” in 10 minutes or less. The repetitions should be fast and mostly unbroken.

If big, unbroken sets of Double-Unders aren’t available to you yet, sub them for Single-Unders. If big, unbroken sets of sit-ups aren’t available to you yet, reduce the volume.

When it comes to scaling movement, prioritize range of motion: Scale the first set of 50 sit-ups, for example, by dropping the volume to 25 perfect, full range of motion reps. 50 Crunches or half Sit-Ups aren’t nearly as beneficial as the full range of motion full Sit-Up.


Anchored Sit-Ups

double under bodyweight

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