CrossFit Games 2021 Adaptive Division Day 2 Recap

On the 2nd day of events for adaptive athletes, some managed to secure a great chance at winning the CrossFit Games.

Wednesday marked the second day of events for adaptive athletes competing at the 2021 CrossFit Games. This is the first time in history that adaptive athletes have their own category at the Fittest on Earth tournament. Here is the Adaptive Division Day 2 Recap.

Contrary to all other categories, no cuts will be made to the adaptive divisions throughout the CrossFit Games.

There will be a total of 7 events for adaptive athletes at the 2021 CrossFit Games. Today, the athletes completed events 4 and 5.

In case you missed, watch day 2 of the CrossFit Games for all divisions here.

Have a look at the MastersTeens and Adaptive results from Day 1.

Note: results are unofficial and they are subject to change.

Adaptive Division Day 2 Recap

Overall Result After Day 2 for Adaptive Athletes

Upper Extremity – Men

Casey Acree555
Josue Maldonado455
Xabier Osa Mendes250
Logan Aldridge230
Victor Castro190

Upper Extremity – Women

Sabrina Daniela Lopez500
Eileen Quinn445
Elizabeth Bride375
Countenceau Anne Laure230
Charlotte Coburn135

Lower Extremity – Men

Lower Extremity – Women

Neuromuscular – Men

Neuromuscular – Women

Alisha Davis405
Letchen Du Plessis400
Shannon Ogar395
Rebecca Shingledecker250
Ebby Isbill250

Adaptive Division Day 2 Recap

Event 4

Upper Extremity

  • 84/68-cal. bike erg
  • 42 GHD sit-ups
  • 42 single dumbbell squats (50/35 lb.)
  • 84-ft. single-arm dumbbell overhead walking lunges (50/35 lb.) 
  • 42 single dumbbell push presses (50/35 lb.)
  • 84-ft. single-arm dumbbell overhead walking lunges

Time cap: 16 min.

*Athletes must use the same arm for overhead walking lunges and dumbbell push presses throughout the workout.


Casey Acree355
Josue Maldonado305
Logan Aldridge200
Xabier Osa Mendes160
Victor Castro100

Casey Acree won the first event by seconds as Josue Maldonado had a no rep at the finish line and had to go back.


Sabrina Daniela Lopez350
Elizabeth Bride265
Eileen Quinn245
Coutenceau Anne Laure160
Charlotte Coburn100

Eileen Quinn won event 4 and put pressure on the leaderboard.

Lower Extremity

  • 63/50-cal bike erg
  • 21 toes-to-bar
  • 21 dumbbell squats (50/35lb)
  • 84-ft handstand walk
  • 21 sandbag squats (100/70lb)
  • 84-ft handstand walk

Time cap: 16 minutes


Ole Kristian Antonsen solidify his position as a top contender by winning the first event and jumping to 1st place overall.

Ole Kristian Antonsen355
Seraphin Perier260
Elliot Young255
Felipe Maturana Infante220


Valerie Cohen maintained her dominance from the previous day and smoked the first workout of day 2, winning 4 out of 4, paving the way for a possible CrossFit Games win.

Valerie Cohen400
Natalie Bieule240
Sarah Rudder220
Beth Tannatt220
Amy Bream160


  • 63/50-cal. bike erg
  • 21 toes-to-bars
  • 21 dumbbell squats (35/20 lb.)
  • 84-ft. bear crawl
  • 21 sandbag squats (100/70 lb.)
  • 84-ft. bear crawl

    Time cap: 16 min.


Brett Horchar got another event win and looked good, with more than a 100 points advantage, going into event 5 this Wednesday.

Brett Horchar375
Mijail Pedrini240
Sylvania Harrod205
Jcruz Gudino180
Geroge Simonds-Gooding160


The neuromuscular women’s division is far from decided as Alisha Davis won event 4 and jumped to 1st place overall, only 25 points behind 2nd place Shannon Ogar.

Alisha Davis290
Shannon Ogar265
Letche Du Plessis225
Rebecca Shingledecker180
Ebby Isbill180
Adaptive Division Day 2 Recap

Adaptive Division Day 2 Recap

Event 5

For all divisions:

  • 300-m swim

Athletes from all adaptive divisions started the event together, with lower extremity athletes starting already in the water, while athletes from the other divisions started behind the start line.

Men – Upper Extremity

Again we saw a head-to-head showdown between Casey Acree and Josue Maldonado. And again, Casey Acree got the better end. The difference between them was only 0.18 of a second.

Women – Upper Extremity

Eileen Quinn won day 2 events back to back and jumped closer to 1st place overall Sabrina Daniela Lopez. It will make an interesting last day of events on Thursday.

Men – Lower Extremity

In a surprising twist, the 1st and 2nd place ended up tied on event 5. Seraphin Perier and Felipe Maturana Infante finished the swimming event at 4:40, sharing 100 points.

Women – Lower Extremity

Natalie Bieule got her first event win at the CrossFit Games and shortened the gap between her and 1st place Valerie Cohen. This was the only event Cohen had not won since the beginning of the Games.

Men – Neuromuscular

And again Brett Horchar came out on top winning every event on day 2 and a total of 4 events out of 5, cementing his way to winning the CrossFit Games.

Women – Neuromuscular

Letchen Du Plessis put more gasoline in the fire and tomorrow at the final day of the CrossFit Games for adaptive atlhetes, everything is possible.

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