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Ben Smith Comments on the Cuts and Format of 2019 CrossFit Games

Ben Smith, former CrossFit Games champion recently posted his thoughts on the new format and cuts that took place during the 2019 CrossFit Games. 

“My thoughts: I like the idea of cuts, they did it in my first games in 2009. It makes things exciting and also puts some pressure on each event as an athlete (which I don’t mind). They could have cut to 10 after sat night going into Sunday. Or i’m fine with just leaving it at 20 or 30 and see what happens. There are a lot of really fit people out there now… The tests leading to the cuts should be balanced in typical “CrossFit” fashion, the mono structural tests should be later on after all cuts are made.”

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“Seems only fair to get balanced competition later.”

He also commented on his hopes for the future of the sport, and how he feels it will evolve. 

“I also HOPE 5 years from now you will see good competition coming from all over the world. The bigger field and more representation seems like a long term move (or a business move possibly?) but my hope is that it only grows the sport in the long run! Everyone I met this year was super cool in the old school crossfit mentality type of way.”

“I left this games with many positives and am going to be rolling into next year with some strong momentum! Let me know what y’all think!”

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