More Top Athletes Share Personal Opinions about The Cuts at The CrossFit Games


“I’m going to be careful with my words here. In no way do I want to discredit any athletes this year— those who made it to the final cut absolutely crushed, and performed when they needed to! The tip top athletes are the top 95% in every aspect that is tested, and can survive any order of cuts.

But in the end, if #crossfit aims to reward the most well rounded athletes, and the top 20 spots are paid out, then the top 20 should be ordered in a way that reflects that.

In my opinion, this year, those 20 spots were not paid out in the correct order. With cuts made after each event, it permitted athletes to have (not yet tested) weaknesses or holes, yet they were locked into the top spots when they survived a cut. Maybe the 20th place person is a muscle up king ? and would have won the last event… but unfortunately, he’s locked into 20th place, with no chance to showcase this talent, SIMPLY DUE TO THE ORDER OF EVENTS. These athletes work hard year after year, and the order of events should not dictate how they get paid or ranked for the 2020 season.

What are your thoughts ?? Will we see changes next year?”



Keeping my head up knowing I am the fittest I have ever been in my life. Receiving a huge penalty for stepping on a line, and causing my CrossFit Games season to end from a cut does NOT define my performance or fitness. It’s been a hard pill to swallow that the only time I fell out of the top 10 was also the only time it mattered. But I’m accepting it & moving on. I’ll be back.”

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