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7 Workouts from Legendary Aussie Athlete Kara Webb (Saunders)

Kara Webb (Saunders – she recently got married!) is the second fittest woman on the planet and the owner of CrossFit Kova. These workouts have been hand picked to help give you a window into her programming and help you train like her. She is an honest and open person, with an almost unrivaled work ethic. Try adding these WODs into your weekly training, have fun and keep walking along that path towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Check out Kara’s tips and favourite quotes as well to help give you the edge and keep you motivated.

Kara’s Tips: “Try to identify and accept an unmotivated mood for what it is but never give it power by entertaining it. Never a day wasted!”


7 rounds:

In 3 minutes complete:

  • 15 thrusters 35kg
  • 400m run
  • Max bar muscle ups

2. “Pyramid Double Helen”

For time:

  • 1200m run
  • 63 KB swings
  • 36 pull ups
  • 800m run
  • 42 KB swings
  • 24 pull ups
  • 400m run
  • 21 KB swings
  • 12 pull ups
  • Rest 2 Minutes
  • 5 mins to find a 1RM shoulder to overhead

Kara’s tips: “Stand up tall, pull them shoulders back, and get ready to work!”



This is a tough WOD that requires constant work and will push you well beyond your limits!

Here, Kara is lifting in The Nike Metcon 4 in order to provide a stable base for the front squats and cleans required to shift the barbell into the front rack position.

Kara in action

EMOM for 20

  • Odd: max strict ring dip
  • Even: max front squat at 85kg from the floor


10 min sled pull @ 100kg


Maintain a strong grip on the ground for the sled pulls with the powerful traction of The Nike Metcon 4 

This Nike Metcon 4 colourway comes from the Gym Selfie Pack, a series all colour coordinated to help keep you training hard and looking stylish! It’s part of the regular Nike training apparel for women.


5 rounds:

  • 10 front squats at 100kg
  • 20 GHD sit ups
  • 300m row


Kara’s Quotes: “She’s a badass with a good heart, soft but strong. Unapologetic and honest. She’s the type of woman you go to war beside – not against.”


10 rounds for time:

  • 100m run
  • 1 legless rope climb * all completed with a 14lb vest

Kara trains in The Nike Metcon 4, and she finds the following two features especially useful for workouts that involve running combined with other movements.

Train in style!

Forefoot Cushioning

The Nike designers used a sandwich mesh (essentially a two-layer mesh with vertical fibers running through it) on the upper. This now provides a sensation of cushioning on top of the foot for the first time and also hugs the foot much more effectively than previous models.

Flexible Support

The new drop-in midsole is firmer in the heel and softer in the forefoot, which provides stability for lifting and flexible cushioning for sprints and short runs. You can really feel this upgrade when training, and it is in these enhancements that the close collaboration with top athletes that Nike embark upon in order to collect feedback can be felt.

Kara’s quotes: “I want to see what happens if I don’t give up”

Build that booty!


In pairs complete:

  • 80 Burpees
  • 60 DB snatch at 25kg
  • 40 Bench at 60kg
  • 20 rope climbs
  • 40 Bench
  • 60 DB Snatch
  • 80 Burpees * To start and every 5 mins complete 100m sled pull at 75kg

Look good and train hard in the Gym Selfie Pack


6 rounds

  • 10 muscle ups
  • 10 box jumps 30″
  • 100m sled pull at 80kg
  • 1 legless rope climb

Check out all styles of the Nike Metcon 4 for Women and Men!

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