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Adversarial Growth Following a CrossFit Injury: A Guide for CrossFit Athletes

An in-depth look at the impact injuries have on CrossFit athletes and an exploration of how obstacles and difficulties can prove to be beneficial to an athlete’s career through adversarial growth.

Lumbar Strain: Ways to Train Through The Injury

Injuries always feel like huge setbacks but with the right attitude and intelligence training solutions you can be back on the right track as soon as possible.

7 Ways to Adapt Training with Wrist and Elbow Injuries

With high intensity sports like Crossfit, it’s not unusual to experience pain, discomfort or even an injury. In the following article we present how to adapt certain exercises when dealing with wrist or elbow injuries.

4 Ways to Train through a Crossfit Injury (Safely)

Injuries suck and we all know it! So here are 4 practical steps you can take to refocus your efforts, keep training hard and maintain your fitness.

3 Vital Lessons to Learn From Your Crossfit Injuries

Recovering from an Injury is always huge physical and mental struggle. What lessons must you remember in order to get back to your Crossfit training and learn from these setbacks?

Goal Setting and Training Tips for Crossfit

Stop what you're doing now and start doing something! Always be ashamed of yourself and know you can do better! That's my motto!

Crossfitter’s Guide to Managing Pain, Stiffness and Movement Alteration

In my experiences, when athletes are dealing with injury they do one of two things: number one, they lie and deny. Number two, they head to the chiropractor.

Why Your Shoulder is a Mess: Chronic Pain And Overuse

There are just two ways to get hurt. Number one, you can have an accident. With an accident you know exactly the moment it happens. There is an incident (i.e. a fall, collision, etc.), a pain that accompanies it and you yell! This type of pain is referred to as acute pain.

5 Most Common Causes of Knee Pain

Having a bad knee is a bummer. Unfortunately it seems like there is no bias as to whether you are athlete or not because at about half of all American’s will experience Osteoarthritis in their knee (or knee’s) during their lifetime.

Don’t Get Crushed: 2 Things You Need To Deadlift Pain-Free

There’s no arguing that the hip hinge is the most elemental movement pattern in our repertoire. A successful hip hinge has translations into most activities and exercises we perform on regular basis.
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