Clarence Kennedy Transformation: from a 45kg to a 230kg Clean

Consistency brings results – check out this incredible 15-year transformation.

Clarence Kennedy transformation. Watch the incredible journey to becoming stronger from Irish weightlifter Clearance Kennedy.

Who is Clarence Kennedy?

Clarence Kennedy is a public figure, weightlifter, powerlifter, and “tricker” from Ireland. He is known for his extraordinary feats of strength and his popular YouTube channel, where he showcases them.

He is an enigmatic character; with no interest in competing (although his strength is world class), his uploads irregular, and scarce media presence. Weighting around 100kg (according to his YouTube channel), his lifts include:

  • 187kg snatch
  • 222.5kg Clean and Jerk
  • 230kg Clean
  • 306kg Squat
  • 340kg Deadlift

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He shared an incredible video showcasing his transformation after 15 years of training, staring in 2006 with his parkour training as a 12-year-old and going all the way through to XX. His journey goes from climbing numbers in the clean and jerk, front squat, back squat, snatch, deadlift.

Highlights include his 45kg (99 lbs) clean and jerk at 15 years old, a number which goes up to 100 kg (220 lbs) at the same age, a 115kg (253 lbs) snatch at 17 in January 2011 and a 10kg just over a month after. By August, the lift stands at 141 kg (310 lbs).

His lifts keep increasing as time goes by and the improvements are mesmerising.

Watch it below.

Clarence Kennedy Transformation

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