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Clarence Kennedy Tutorial – How To Snatch

Irish Lifter Clarence Kennedy weighs around 100kg. Here are his stats:

  • 185kg Snatch
  • 220kg Clean and Jerk
  • 225kg Clean
  • 300kg Pause Squat
  • 340kg Deadlift

Clarence advises to work on the Snatch first before the Clean and Jerk.

“If you have enough mobility in the Snatch then you have enough mobility in the Clean and Jerk for sure.”

If you need a rough marker for how much you should be lifting, he advises the following:

“The Snatch should be around 80% of your Clean and Jerk.”


Here is an exact breakdown of each different component of the Snatch in the video,

This is also the order that Clarence advises you to learn them in.

02:56 – What is the Snatch?

03:20 – Why learn the snatch before the Clean and Jerk?

03:40 – Grip for Olympic Weightlifting

04:02 – How to approach learning the Snatch

04:35 – Snatch grip width

05:18 – Behind the neck Snatch grip press

05:55 – Overhead Squat

06:36 – Extension

07:05 – Scarecrow

07:28 – Hang Muscle Snatch

08:07 – Behind the neck Snatch Grip Jerk

08:59 – Combining previous drills

09:38 – Snatch Balance

10:35 – Drop Snatch

11:12 – Hang Power Snatch

11:59 – Hang full Snatch

12:31 – Starting position for Snatch pull

13:09 – Snatch Deadlift

13:59 – Snatch Pull

14:46 – The most common Snatch Pull mistake to avoid

15:16 – Muscle Snatch

16:05 – Power Snatch

16:56 – Snatch

More advice on Snatching:

How to Reset Your Snatch Technique – Avoid The “Stripper Pull”

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