Understanding Your Diet: Why CrossFit Athletes Eat Gummy Bear And You (Probably) Shouldn’t

Yes, that CrossFit athlete is eating Skittles between workouts, but you shouldn’t and here is why you need to understand your diet.

You decided to start a new eating habit and see too many options and articles online about which one is better. Understanding your diet is crucial and there is no one-size-fits-all in anything and with diets it is no different.

In his latest YouTube upload, CrossFit coach Ben Bergeron has touched upon why his top athletes, such as Chandler Smith, Amanda Barnhart and Samuel Kwant, sometimes eat gummy bears and skittles between workouts at the CrossFit Games. And there is a reason why you shouldn’t follow that advice.

Ben Bergeron says that there is one crucial question everyone should be making before giving or taking advice on their diet. What is your goal?

“Without that question, I can’t give you nutrition advice,” Ben Bergeron says.

When doing diets, or starting a new eating habit, you can put people into four different categories. According to Ben Bergeron, the categories are:

  • Lose weight
  • Increase performance
  • Gain muscle
  • Increase health

If you want to really dig deep into this, check out this article:

How to Eat for Performance vs Health vs Looks

Watch Understanding Your Diet with Ben Bergeron

Overall, a diet should be based on your goals. Someone in a keto diet, for example, would cringe looking at the lunch routine of an athlete close to reaching peak performance. The same goes if you compare weight loss diets and diets that are aimed at increasing your overall health.

understanding your diet

Before starting any diet, consult your doctor. A professional opinion tailored to your needs and limitations is better than just jumping ahead on any diet you have seen online.

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