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How to Watch The 2018 CrossFit Regionals – Europe, South & East

This weekend the 2018 CrossFit Regionals will kick off in Europe, the South and the East regions. Check out which athletes will be competing in each competition:

The South

The East


The events will run as follows.

*information courtesy of CrossFit Inc



CrossFit Regionals Individual EventsSource: CrossFit Inc

TeamCrossFit Regionals Team EventsSource: CrossFit Inc


There are a selection of ways to catch all the action. Every heat will be broadcast live on Facebook LiveGames.CrossFit.comCBSSports.com and the CBS Sports App


Every heat of every event of the Regionals will stream live on Games.CrossFit.com. The Games player allows you to seamlessly switch between live events on mobile, tablet or desktop devices. The archived footage will allow you to rewatch the competition or catch up on what you missed.

Bookmarks for all the key moments in every heat will be created so you can jump to the right moment to watch your favorite athlete or team compete, or tune in just to see Mat Fraser take the other competitors to school in the final heat. 


You can also watch all the action and engage with the community and broadcast team right on social media through Facebook Live. You can organize your notifications if you don’t want to miss a moment. Facebook groups will help you see when to watch.

To stay in the know and up to date on Regional schedules and information, join the CrossFit Community FYI group on Facebook. In FYI, we will communicate the list of streams available each Regional Week so you can set your reminders accordingly. You can also check out each region’s local community page for regionally specific streaming information and additional local information and updates:


Stream more than 200 hours of live coverage of the CrossFit Games Regionals on the following CBS platforms:

  • CBSSports.com for desktop and mobile web. The video player will feature separate channels for each region and VOD content including previews, recaps and more.
  • CBS Sports mobile app for iOS and Android
  • CBS Sports app for key connected TV devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku


CBS Sports will showcase the CrossFit Regionals for the first time, featuring coverage across broadcast, cable and digital platforms. Television coverage begins on Saturday, May 19 (11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET) on CBS, while streaming coverage of the event begins on Friday, May 18 (12 a.m. PT / 3 a.m. ET) on CBSSports.com and the CBS Sports app for mobile and connected TV devices.  

Below is the television schedule for the CrossFit Regionals across CBS and CBS Sports Network:


  • Saturday, May 19 at 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. PT / 2-3 p.m. ET on CBS:
    Week 1 Recap + Look Ahead to Week 2



There have been some big changes made to the CrossFit Games Regional format in 2018. Get all the details here.

Week 1: May 18-20, 2018

East Regional: Albany, New York, Times Union Center
Europe Regional: Berlin, Germany, Velodrom
South Regional: Salt Lake City, Utah, Salt Palace Convention Center

Week 2: May 25-27, 2018

Central Regional: Nashville, Tennessee, Music City Center
West Regional: Del Mar, California, Del Mar Arena
Latin America Regional: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Arena Carioca 1

Week 3: June 1-3, 2018

Atlantic Regional: West Palm Beach, Florida, Palm Beach County Convention Center
Meridian Regional: Madrid, Spain, Caja Mágica
Pacific Regional: Sydney, Australia, Qudos Bank Arena

CrossFit 2018 RegionalsSource: CrossFit Inc

For more information about the CrossFit Regionals, the following text is from games.crossfit.com.

The fittest men, women and teams from each region of the world advance to the second stage of the CrossFit Games season: the Regionals.

CrossFit splits the world into 18 regions. There are eight regions in the United States (North East, Mid Atlantic, South East, Central East, North Central, South Central, West Coast and South West) and 10 international regions (Canada East, Canada West, South America, Central America, Asia, Australasia, Middle East Africa, Europe North, Europe South and Europe Central). Athletes are placed in their region during Open registration based on their residence as of Jan. 1 of that year.

To qualify, the Regional competitors have to prove they are their region’s fittest athletes by competing in the five-week, five-workout online Open and finishing well in the overall standings. The number of athletes who qualify from each region varies and the 18 regions feed into nine Regional competitions, as broken down below. 

East Regional

– North East (25 individuals, 20 teams to qualify from Open)

– Canada East (15 individuals, 10 teams to qualify from Open)

Atlantic Regional

– Mid Atlantic (20 individuals, 15 teams to qualify from Open)

– South East (20 individuals, 15 teams to qualify from Open)

Central Regional

– Central East (20 individuals, 15 teams to qualify from Open)

– North Central (20 individuals, 15 teams to qualify from Open)

South Regional

– South West (20 individuals, 15 teams to qualify from Open)

– South Central (20 individuals, 15 teams to qualify from Open)

West Regional

– West Coast (35 individuals, 25 teams to qualify from Open)

– Canada West (5 individuals, 5 teams to qualify from Open)

Latin America Regional

– Central America (15 individuals, 10 teams to qualify from Open)

– South America (25 individuals, 20 teams to qualify from Open)

Europe Regional

– Europe North (20 individuals, 15 teams to qualify from Open)

– Europe Central (20 individuals, 15 teams to qualify from Open)

Meridian Regional

– Europe South (20 individuals, 15 teams to qualify from Open)

– Middle East Africa (20 individuals, 15 teams to qualify from Open)

Pacific Regional

– Asia (10 individuals, 7 teams to qualify from Open)

– Australasia (30 individuals, 23 teams to qualify from Open)

Forty men, 40 women and 40 teams will advance to the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games. Those spots are divvied up among the nine Regionals as follows:

  • The top five men, women and teams will advance from the East, Atlantic, Central, South, West, Europe and Pacific Regionals.

  • The top four men, women and teams will advance from the Meridian Regional.

  • The top male, female and team will advance from the Latin America Regional.

All Regional competitors face the same workouts, whether they’re in Del Mar, California, or Madrid, Spain.

Competitors care about how they place relative to their peers at their Regional, since that’s what determines how many points they earn and where they’ll rank in the overall standings. Claiming first in an event earns an athlete 100 points, second earns 95 points, third 90, fourth 85, fifth 80 and sixth 75. The scale then drops by 2-point increments for seventh through 30th, and then by 1-point increments from 30th through 50th. The athlete with the most points will claim first in the overall standings; the top five athletes overall at the end of the weekend earn the right to advance to the CrossFit Games.

All Games qualifiers will receive a piece of the season’s prize purse. All cash prizes are paid in U.S. dollars.

Individual Division (men and women receive equal prize money)

  • First Place: $300,000

  • Second Place: $100,000

  • Third Place: $75,000

  • Fourth Place: $50,000

  • Fifth Through Eighth Place: $35,000, $30,000, $27,000 and $25,000, respectively

  • Ninth Through 20th Place: $23,000, $21,000, $18,000, $16,000, $14,000, $13,000, $12,000, $11,000, $10,000, $9,000, $8,000 and $7,000, respectively

Team Division (prize per team)

  • First Place: $100,000

  • Second Place: $60,000

  • Third Place: $30,000

  • Fourth Place: $20,000

  • Fifth Place: $15,000

Drug testing is required for any individual athlete or team to advance to the Games or to collect prizes.

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