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The Nike Free X Metcon – An Impressive Hybrid for Training, Lifting and Running

The Nike Free X Metcon is a hybrid shoe designed for excellence in both training and running. It is part of the Free and Metcon series, so you get a little bit of both without taking too much from either.

There is an inherent difficulty in creating a design that works well for training and running. If the structure is too soft and responsive then the training shoe will not provide a stable enough platform for lifting and training. If the reverse is true then the training shoe will not be comfortable enough to run in. The Nike Free X Metcon is the solution to this paradoxical dilemma.

It is a Metcon that you can run in.



  • 5mm offset
  • Heel clip stabilises your foot during side-to-side movements
  • Wide toe box
  • Weight 11.19oz
  • Sticky rubber in the forefoot provides excellent traction for sled pushes
  • Textured rubber wraps up the midfoot for durability during rope exercises
  • Heel counter reduces drag on handstand push ups
  • Flywire cables offer lightweight support when and where you need it
  • Multiple lacing options to eliminate heel slippage


The Nike Free X Metcon is constructed with a sock like design, but it’s not one piece. The material is not flyknit, it is a mesh material that has something similar to a TPU webbing over the top. This adds structure without compromising strength. It doesn’t have the elasticity of flyknit, but its probably a little more flexible overall.

The TPU heel counter also wraps around the sides of the foot and acts as part of the lacing system. There are 3 flywire laces and two lace holes cut into the sides of the heel counter. In addition, extra lace holes run down the side of this extended flank of the TPU heel system.

This allows you to adjust appropriately for both running and training, but I also found this especially useful for WODs involving lifting as well. When it comes to barbell movements such as thrusters for example, I would recommend re-lacing the training shoes and using the lace holes closer to the sole. This makes it feel tighter on your ankle, and provides a greater sense of support and stability. I even found that I was able to work through a WOD of deadlifts and front squats and I was pleasantly surprised by how well the shoe performed.

A hybrid needs to be adaptable by nature, and this is a perfect example of how well this shoe has been designed to switch between these different functions.

Additionally, if you have ever have experienced issues with heel slippage in the past, then tying the laces further down the shoe is a practical and elegantly simple way to solve this problem.

The ankle collar is constructed from padded neoprene that doesn’t hug your ankle tight like some other sock like variations, but there is no lack of structure here and it is comfortable for running and training.


The overall aesthetic is more similar to a street shoe with its high tongue and less minimal silhouette. This is a shoe that looks bold and striking, yet still ensures that form follows function. It is also perfect if you are a fan of the Free and/or Metcon styles, as visual elements of both have been amalgamated in the Nike X Metcon.

Check out the link below to see the full range of different colourways.

Find your perfect style


What differentiates the Nike Free X Metcon from other Nike training shoes such as the Metcon 4 or the Metcon DSX Flyknit 2 is that it does not have a drop in midsole, and instead houses a normal sockliner with a built in midsole. It combines the best elements of the Metcon design with the highlights from the Free model.

The flexgrooves on the forefoot are similar to those carved into the Free models, and the training shoe also features the flexible hexagonal pods on the sole (also found on the Nike Free Running Shoes). This technology allows for effective running (they performed well when I ran on both the athletic track and through the city of Berlin), but the shoes maintain stability for training by utilising a harder rubber material for certain sections to offer solid support. These include harder rubber pods on the sole, areas on the heel and a large section in the middle for durability against the rope.

They offer flexibility and comfort, and are exceptionally pleasing to wear. The sock like upper augments and aligns with the natural movements of the foot and I cannot think of a simpler way to describe them than “running Metcons”.

Old school athletes may remember some of the issues with the really early Metcons and the noises they could make, but you will be pleased to know that there are absolutely no issues with squeaking here!

The Nike Free X Metcon Training Shoe combines the lightweight flexibility of Nike Free with the durability and stability of Nike Metcon shoes. After testing the training shoe across a broad range of workouts, runs and heavy strength sessions, I have found it to be incredibly versatile and adaptive. If you want ONE training shoe that can do everything, then this is the right choice for you.

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