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Know What Matters Most to Your Members? Your Business Depends on It

Following a survey with over 2,400 Box members, Mitchell Gold analyses what drives member loyalty and retention in CrossFit Boxes and micro gyms in the US.

COVID-19: How to Keep a Box Afloat, Even When Doors Are Closed

With Boxes around the world being forced to close their doors for at least a few weeks, this is what one Box in Berlin is doing to survive and keep its members engaged, active and happy.

CrossFit Mum, Games Athlete and Box Owner – The Incredible Katelin Van Zyl

Top 20 Open finisher, Katelin juggles being mum to a toddler, co-owner responsibilities of two gyms and training for the CrossFit Games.

Box Owner Stories, Qualifying to The Games and Sometimes Hating CrossFit With Lindsay Vaughan

After eight years of Regionals and five owning a Box, Lindsay Vaughan has countless insights to share with affiliate owners and CrossFit athletes alike.
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