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Enhance Your Performance: 5 of the Best Mobility Drills for Crossfitters

1. Deep lunge with rotation
2. Standing Hip CAR’s (Controlled Articular Rotations)
3. Tabletop bridge
4. Goblet squat curls/heartbeats
5. Active/passive hangs with rotation

In the world of mobility there are a crazy amount of thoughts and opinions, there is also the standard “best marketer has the best knowledge” which is always good fun! The smart way for you as the athlete or coach, is to “self doctor”. If something feels good then it’s good, if something hurts then it is not good. Especially for any coach, if you have not tried it yourself I would not recommend teaching it.

When it comes to mobility, common sense is the most important thing.

In my opinion, the rubber bands and lacrosse balls are a step too late. It’s not that I don’t teach those things and I am not disregarding that they have a place, but my argument is, how do you know you’re not creating more instability within a joint? If something is “tight” what is it trying to protect? Wouldn’t taking a joint through its end ranges be enough to “activate” and “mobilise” if that’s what you’re really doing? Plus, how do you know that the lasting effects of 15 minutes on a foam roller will actually transfer when you are put under load again? If you’re needing to beat yourself up every time before training then maybe it’s time to see a good physiotherapist that can tell you your imbalances without the use of doctor internet.

These are some of my favourite exercises that promote a good range of motion and strength, they are actual “training” but the benefit is mobility!

1. Deep lunge with rotation

I would probably hit this stretch every day and it’s a great test for feedback from your hips, if you struggle with this stretch in the morning then it would be a good idea to spend a bit more time warming up before any ass to grass squats. If you notice one side that is a lot tighter than the other then spend more time on that side, getting your elbow down to the floor with a vertical shin is optimal to get a good range of flexion and extension throughout the hips. As most of the movements in Crossfit are bilateral, lunges should be a part of your day every day otherwise you are only half the athlete you could be!

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