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Team Quarterfinals: Who Qualified (Unofficial) & What the Leaderboard Tells Us

CrossFit Mayhem is on a dominant path again during CrossFit Team Quarterfinals. 21 teams from Africa qualified, instead of the maximum 20.

Dumbbell Bench Press Benefits, Mistakes to Avoid and Workouts

Pick up some dumbbells and start working on your bench press as this exercise has many benefits and will sure get your chest fired up.

Kettlebell Squats: How To Do It, Benefits, Mistakes to Avoid, Variations and 5 Workouts

Learn everything you need to know to incorporate this complete lower body exercise into your routine.

Three Additional CrossFit Semifinal Events Move Online; Schedule Changes

Five out of 10 CrossFit Semifinal events will be done virtually.

The 600 Athletes Who Qualified For the CrossFit Semifinals

The individual Quarterfinal leaderboards are now official - these are the athletes competing in Semifinals!

What You Can Learn From the Inspirational Elijah Muhammad (Plus 10 of His Workouts)

Elijah Muhammad is considered by many the spirit of CrossFit with his quotes, dance abilities and trajectory in the sport.

Top 10 Most Memorable CrossFit Games Moments According to the Community

From the unforgettable return of Hero WOD Murph in 2016 to Kara Saunders vs Tia-Clair Toomey milliseconds showdown. 2019 alone has three iconic moments according to the CrossFit community.

The Hardest (and Craziest) Fitness Challenges In The World

Pull-up challenge, brick push-up challenge, Thor hammer challenge, you name it, there is a nearly impossible fitness challenge.

Change This for That – A Beginner’s Guide to Eating Healthier

A simple guide to beginners who want to start eating healthier without making sacrifices.

Tia-Clair Dominates Women’s Quarterfinals; Men’s Division Has Surprises

The winner of the CrossFit Open women’s division has also busted up the Quarterfinals. An Italian athlete lifted almost 100lbs more than the second heaviest front squat in the competition.

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