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Adler and  Lawson Win Atlas Games in Closest Semifinal Result this Season

2 Americans have received their invitation to the Games at the only Canadian Semifinal this past weekend.

It is not always that thrilling that the last event that shapes the top of the podium, but that is what happened this past weekend at the Atlas Games. Jeffrey Adler and Emma Lawson took the win on an exciting last day of competition with CrossFit Omnia Black winning the teams’ division.

The Atlas Games reunited some of the fittest North American CrossFit athletes this past weekend and it didn’t disappoint. Until the last workout, nobody could predict with certainty who would come out as champion. This was the Semifinal with the closest point difference in the men’s division and 2nd closest for the women’s (losing only to the Syndicate Crown where Haley Adams won by 6 points).

According to the rulebook, the top 5 men, women and teams received an invitation to the 2022 CrossFit Games at the end of the tournament in Québec, Canada. Individuals who finished 6th, 7th and 8th can take part in the Last-Chance Qualifier.

CrossFit Atlas Games Results


1stJeffrey Adler564
2ndPat Vellner556
3rdAlexandre Caron480
4thAlex Vigneault440
5thNycolas Joyal432
6thAustin Spencer407
7thConnor Duddy397
8thJeremy Vigneault362
9thJack Farlow357
10thCedric Lapointe326

Who Will Make it to the Games?

  • Jeffrey Adler
  • Pat Vellner
  • Alexandre Caron
  • Alex Vigneault
  • Nycolas Joyal

Who is invited to the Last-Chance Qualifier?

  • Austin Spencer
  • Connor Duddy
  • Jeremy Vigneault

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1stEmma Lawson568
2ndPaige Powers560
3rdCaroline Conners477
4thFreya Moosbrugger468
5thCarolyne Prevost441
6thCallista Lang404
7thTori Dyson397
8thHattie Kanyo381
9thElena Budz352
10thAmy Morton329
Source: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

Who Will Make it to the Games?

  • Emma Lawson
  • Paige Powers
  • Caroline Conners
  • Freya Moosbrugger
  • Carolyne Prevost

Who is invited to the Last-Chance Qualifier?

  • Callista Lang
  • Tori Dyson
  • Hattie Kanyo

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1stCrossFit Omnia Black525
2ndCrossFit Pro1 Montreal510
3rdCrossFit Taranis Lifetree500
4thCrossFit Milford Team Conquer470
5thCrossFit East Woodbridge East Woodbridge420
Atlas Games Teams PodiumSource: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

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2022 Atlas Games Recap

Both in the men’s and women’s divisions the 1st place was up for grabs until the last workout. Adler and Vellner were never more than 12 points apart from each other with Vellner taking the lead after workout 3, but lost ground in the following events.

Although Emma Lawson was eligible to compete in the teens’ division for the last time this year, she chose the more difficult path and paid off. The Canadian athlete took the lead early on and maintained her position, although Paige Powers crept in behind her and almost got the better result after workouts 4 and 5.

If you missed out on the action, you can rewatch each day of the Atlas Games competition by clicking here.

Last-Chance Qualifier and CrossFit Games Dates

 The Last-Chance Qualifier is the final opportunity for athletes who are close to finishing in a qualifying spot on their respective CrossFit Semifinal competition. Two CrossFit Games invitations will be sent to the top 2 men and women at the Last-Chance Qualifier.

The Last-Chance Qualifier is an online competition and takes place from June 29 to July 1.

The CrossFit Games will take place in Madison, Wisconsin. The CrossFit Games takes place on August 3-7.

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