BREAKING NEWS – Top CrossFit Games Athlete Tears Pec and Only 5% Likely to Compete at Regionals

"I'm sorry to all of you. Sometimes life doesn't go as planned. This situation is out of my control and the only thing I can change is the way I react to it."

It is looking likely that Alex Vigneault will have to withdraw from competition. He finished in first place in the Canada East Region in the Open.


I’m sorry to all of you. Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. This situation is out of my control and the only thing I can change is the way I react to it. The last few days were very tough mentally but I have amazing people around me. Tomorrow in the warm-up area, if I can’t do a ring dip, the 2017 season will be over for me. I’m sorry. I promise that in 2018 I will be back. @crossfitgames . . . #Repost @crossfitphotojournal (@get_repost) ・・・ HT @crossfitgames, Canada East’s top seed has a partial pec tear and said he’s “5 percent” likely to compete at the #EastRegional tomorrow. Alex Vigneault explained that he injured the pec in training on the last rep of Event 2. He’ll make the call tomorrow after warm-up. “I can’t even do a ring dip right now. Not even a push-up.” He’d prefer recovery time of about 5 weeks for a partial tear to 5 months for a total tear, which would set back his training to be a police officer. He’s thinking long term and will most likely be on the sidelines Friday. 📷 @crossfit204 #CrossFitGames #CrossFit #TheRegionals #EastRegional

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