How and When To Watch The 2017 CrossFit Regionals this Weekend (South and East)

Want to watch the live action from Regionals? Here is how.

The East and South 2017 CrossFit Games Regionals start tomorrow. They will run from Friday until Sunday (May 19 – 21).

You can watch the action online for free here:

CrossFit Games Website




  • East Regional | Albany, New York |Times Union Center
  • South Regional | San Antonio, Texas | Alamodome


Now just check your timezone to find out when it will be live for you.

EAST REGIONAL 09:15 – 17:00 ET (UTC -4)

UTC (London, Reykjavik) 14:15 – 22:00

UTC + 1 (Berlin, Stockholm, Warsaw, Rome) 15:15 – 23:00

UTC + 2 (Helsinki, Istanbul, Bucharest, Budapest, Capetown) 16:15 – 24:00

UTC + 3 (Moscow, Dubai) 17:15 – 01:00

SOUTH REGIONAL 09:00 – 19:15 CT (UTC -5)

UTC (London, Lisbon) 13:00 – 01:15

UTC + 1 (Berlin, Stockholm, Warsaw, Rome) 16:00 – 02:15

UTC + 2 (Helsinki, Istanbul, Bucharest, Budapest) 17:00 – 03:15

UTC + 3 (Moscow, Dubai) 18:00 – 04:15


CrossFit Games 2017 Regionals
The Events

Find out which athletes will be competing:

Athletes at The East Regionals

Athletes at The South Regionals

CrossFit Games 2017 Regionals © CrossFit Inc

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Top Athletes to Watch Tomorrow at The 2017 CrossFit Games South Regionals

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