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The Lower Back Fat / Love Handles Myth (BUSTED)

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Jeff from Athlean X walks us through the lower back fat / love handles myth.

Lower Back Fat / Love Handles Myth

“The lower back and love handles is one of the biggest problem areas for guys when it comes to fat storage.  While women tend to store fat in their thighs and rear ends, men have the hardest time getting the stubborn fat to leave their waistline.  In this video however, I’m going to dispel the proper way to attack this problem once and for all.”

“As with any problem with body fat, your first, second and third lines of attack need to revolve around fixing your nutrition.  No body fat issue is going to be tackled with exercise alone.  Not only is spot reduction simply not possible or even an efficient way of going about this but it just won’t have the impact that changing your diet for the better can have.”

Lower Body Workouts lower back fatSource: Alona Griffiths on Unsplash

“A lot of people shy away from trying to make changes to their diet and nutrition however because they simply don’t want to give up the foods that they like to eat.  That’s fine, but then you better not complain when you turn around and see that layer of lower back fat accumulating around your waist. 

“If you want to get rid of lower back fat you want to start improving the foods that you eat.  Drinking too much alcohol can also be a quick place to make changes if you want to reduce your love handles and the fat that you accumulate around your waist.  It’s far too easy to ingest too many calories from drinks since the liquid calories go down virtually unnoticed.  Know what I mean?”

“That said, from an exercise stand point, many people will try to get rid of their love handles and lower back fat by hitting the low back directly with hyperextensions or the love handles with side bends.  Neither of these exercises will do much to decrease your body fat.  First of all, the concept of spot reduction as I said is not possible.  Second of all, the muscles involved in these moves (even if there were spot reduction) are not vast or large enough to cause a maximal metabolic increase by performing them.”

“Instead, opt for the big moves like a deadlift which requires that you develop tremendous lower back strength and stability.  Maintain the strong arch throughout your lower back throughout the movement and aim to increase the weight you lift on the exercise as often as possible.  Over time, you’ll notice not only your low back but your entire body becoming more muscular which will help you burn more fat at rest over the long term.”


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