5 Tips To Improve Your Triple-Unders

Before you start working on your triples, make sure your speed rope is sized appropriately: see the sizing instructions here.  If you are still struggling with the double-unders, read the following article first: 5 Reasons You Haven’t Gotten Better at Double-Unders.

After you have mastered “the dubs”, see those five tips to improve the triples. 

1. Elevation

It seems only appropriate that the more revolutions a cable makes under your feet, the higher you’ll have to jump. Start out with a special focus on the height of your jumping, even with singles and doubles. This creates a rope rotation that is nice and relaxed, and will prevent you from getting too aggressive.

2. Timing

Once you are capable of spinning that rope three times in one jump, focus on your timing. The third revolution of the cable should barely clear your feet to ensure enough time to rebound back up into the air.

First revolution, fast; second revolution, fast; third revolution; slow it down!

Alec Smith trying out quadruple-unders.

3. Body Awareness

Don’t let your arm position change. From singles, doubles, triples, and even quads, the arms should not change positioning! Your elbows bent and pushed back, and your hands close to the anterior hip. The only changes you make when adding rope revolutions are in speed, height and timing – not positioning.

4. No Fish

Get rid of the “dolphin” or pike jump. Practice bringing heels up to your butt to fix this bad habit. Ideally, your legs will stay in a neutral plane (up and down, not biased anteriorly or posteriorly).

5. Don’t stress

We often perceive the double-under to be fast and aggressive – a misconception that is only exacerbated by the notion of a triple under. Keep all of your movements small and controlled.

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