12 Minute Hip Mobility Routine for All Athletes (FOLLOW ALONG)

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This 12 Minute Hip Mobility Routine will help you optimise your movement and health.

It will improve internal and external rotation of the hip, as well as squat flexibility, and is a good warm-up or cool down for a squat session.

Why is Hip Mobility Important?

Hip mobility is important for more than just the general health of the hips.

Tight hips can lead onto other problems. Sitting for long periods of time can also cause pain in the back, hip and knees.

12 Minute Hip Mobility Routine

The hip flexors actually originate in the lower back so when they are too tight they will place unnecessary stress on the lumbar spine.

12 Minute Hip Mobility Routine (Follow Along)

This routine from Tom Merrick is designed so that you can easily follow along at home or in the gym.

It is suitable for all athletes, of all ability levels.

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