Ricky Garard Wins First 2 Events of the Dubai CrossFit Championship

Ricky Garard promised his comeback.

The Dubai CrossFit Championship first 2 events happened under the snow and Ricky Garard took the early lead in the competition by winning both of them unofficially.

Ricky Garard was banned for 4 years from CrossFit sanctioned events after failing a drug test and the Dubai CrossFit Championship is his first time competing again. He promised a comeback story and he is delivering it.

Inside the Ski Dubai Mall of Emirates, the athletes had to endure the first two events in freezing temperatures. Ricky Garard won both of them.

The first event was a run up and down the ski slope followed by 500 metres on the skierg. Ricky finished 7 seconds ahead of 2nd place Roman Khrennikov.

The following event was a brutal full slope run with a weighted vest and Garard finished ahead of Khrennikov again, this time almost 20 seconds in the lead.

The first 2 events were not broadcast. However, you will be able to follow the livestream for the following workouts by clicking here.

Dubai CrossFit Championship Leaderboard


NameTotal PointsEvent 1 PlacementEvent 2 Placement
Ricky Garard2001st1st
Roman Khrennikov1902nd2nd
Willy Georges1803rd3rd
Lazar Dukic1653rd6th
Henrik Haapalainen1606th4th
Jeffrey Adler1537th5th
Luka Dukic1475th10th
Moritz Fiebig1429th7th
Elliot Simmonds1428th8th
Simon Mantyla13213th8th


NameTotal PointsEvent 1 PlacementEvent 2 Placement
Samantha Briggs1851st4th
Kristin Holte1805th1st
Laura Horvath1804th2nd
Mikaela Norman1702nd6th
Gabriela Migala1593rd9th
Rebecka Vitesson15312th3rd
Emily Rolfe1486th7th
Thuri Helgadottir14010th7th
Jacqueline Dahlstrom1388th10th
Martine Solheim13715th5th

You can check out the official leaderboard here.

Dubai CrossFit Championship Workouts

Stay Frosty:

5 rounds:

  • 500-metre skierg
  • run (up/down)

Time cap: 16 minutes (men) / 17 minutes (women)

Event 1B

  • Full slope run with weight vest (20/14 lb)

Time cap: 7 minutes

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