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4 Facts You Probably Did Not Know About Fat Loss

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Losing weight is not easy, but did you know it could be even harder if you don’t have the necessary information? Here is a list of 4 facts you probably did not know about fat loss.

If you clicked on this page it probably means you are trying to lose weight. Even more probable is that you have tried and is stuck somewhere not knowing what else to do to lose that unwanted fat body percentage.

This list of 4 facts you probably did not know about fat loss was created by Jeremy Ethier.

Jeremy Ethier is a kinesiologist and fitness trainer, co-founder of Built With Science. His YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers and he delivers clear information with sound background research.

Check out his video or read the main talking points below.

4 Facts You Probably Did Not Know About Fat Loss

1. Not All Body Fat Is Created Equally

Within fat cells that are alpha and beta receptors. The alpha tell our body to store, where beta receptors do the opposite, instruct our bodies to burn fat instead of store it.

The area with the most alpha cells are around the abdomen to protect the organs. For women, because of the prospect of carrying a child, the alpha receptors tend to be around the hips and waist.

Since it is impossible to burn local fat in specific areas, your body will burn more easily available fat before burning the stubborn one (around the belly area). Trust your training program and the process will come.

2. Weight Loss Won’t Be Linear

For beginners, in the first few weeks, you will notice a big drop in weight. That, unfortunately, is mostly water weight, but it doesn’t mean you are not losing weight.

It is completely normal to even gain some weight after a few weeks of steady decline.

However, if after hitting the gym for a long period, consistently, and after 3 or 4 weeks your weight has not changed, then you should try to change something in your strategy. It could be to increase cardio exercises or eat fewer calories to get into a bigger calorie deficit.

3. Weight Loss Does Not Mean Fat Loss

Usually, when people say they want to lose weight, it means that they want to lose fat. That is because your weight also takes into account the muscles in your body, not only your fat.

Although a low-calorie diet and constant cardio exercise will help you lose weight, most of it will be from muscle, rather than your fat cells.

To look better, you need to lose fat and maintain your muscles or even build more.

For that to happen, you want to focus on a slow and steady weight loss, rather than something extreme. One easy hack you can do to achieve this easier is to increase the amount of protein you are eating at the moment as it will help you build muscle and lose fat simultaneously.

4. Weight Scale Does Not Reveal Everything

Facts You Probably Did Not Know About Fat LossSource: i yunmai / unsplash

You have to look at other measures of progress other than the weight scale. That is because the scale will only tell one side of your story.

A good way to see your progress, besides weighing regularly, is to take photos of yourself, track your waist circumference and your strength development. Also, you can feel a difference yourself if you are getting fitter with time.

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