How to Get Bigger, Wider and Better Shoulders in 14 Days (With Just 1 Dumbbell)

Take your shoulder training to the next level.

This excellent plan from Athlean X will help you to get better shoulders in 14 days.

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How to Get Bigger, Wider and Better Shoulders in 14 Days

“Did you know that bigger, wider shoulders is one of the muscle groups listed at the top of the list when Men’s Health Magazine polled women to see what turned them on the most in guys?  Shocked me.  I thought abs, and arms would easily top those…but they didn’t.  The reason why is because a set of powerful explosive shoulders frames your entire physique and lets people know that you’re in shape and strong without having to say a word.”

“All that said, the problem that most guys face when trying to get big shoulders is that they feel as if the only way to get them is by doing countless reps of heavy military presses.  This isn’t the only way.  In fact, using one of the most popular shoulder exercises but also one of the most incorrectly performed, you can start adding size to your shoulders in as little as 14 days!”

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Build strong shoulders

“The ability to get bigger shoulders and add muscle mass to your shoulders in 14 days comes from the principle of muscle overload.  By incorporating the cheat side lateral exercise you can add significant weight to the exercise and as a result, size to your shoulders much more quickly.  The trick is to not swing the weight up, but make sure that you muscle it up.”

“From the top of the movement, you want to be sure that you slowly lower the weight down, concentrating on the eccentric part of the exercise to ensure that the deltoid is getting the brunt of the work.  Continue to perform as many reps as you can until failure and incorporate this technique into your shoulder workout each time you perform it.”

“You actually can see a difference in your shoulder size after even just one of these workouts.  Not from actual shoulder muscle growth but more from the lingering pump that you will experience (not very common when doing shoulder workouts!) by training the muscles the right way.”

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