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4 Things Stopping you Lose Stubborn Fat (Love Handles, Lower Belly and Back Fat)

Time to transform your body.

Are these any of these things stopping you lose stubborn fat?

4 Things Stopping you Lose Stubborn Fat

As Jeremy Ethier explains, “For most of us, our stubborn fat areas tend to be the lower belly, love handles, and lower back fat that we can’t seem to get rid of. There is a scientific explanation to why stubborn fat reduction is so challenging.

These areas receive less blood flow and contain fat cells that are more stubborn to burn off compared to other areas of our body. So, getting rid of your stubborn fat belly and lower back will still require a great deal of patience and perseverance.”

He outlines four major reasons in his video why many people can’t seem to lose the weight from these areas.

Being Too Aggressive (2:13)

Make sure that you allow yourself time and don’t rush it. Everyone wants quick results but this is not the way it works.

“Your rate of weight loss throughout the weeks will, and SHOULD slow down.

Yet the second people stop losing 1-2 lbs a week and their weight loss begins to slow down, they get worried and try to speed it up by using unsustainable approaches.”

Poor Calorie Tracking (4:04)

Tracking is essential if you want to see results.

Once you master this step you will have gained a significant piece of knowledge that will help you on your journey to a new you.

Poor Calorie Management (6:16)

This is another great point, describing the transition and journey, “As you get leaner and are now also likely eating less calories than you were in the beginning of your diet, you have much less wiggle room for your calories.

Things Stopping you Lose Stubborn Fat

This means that you’re going to have to opt for high volume, nutrient-dense, low calorie foods that will provide the best bang for your buck in terms of suppressing your hunger, boosting your daily energy levels, and speeding up your recovery.”

Things Stopping you Lose Stubborn Fat – Being Lazy (7:59)

This one speaks for itself, at the end of the day you have to be the most motivated person to achieve your own goal.

Time stamps:

0:00 Why Is Stubborn Fat So Stubborn?

1:38 Calorie Deficit & Stubborn Fat

2:13 Thing #1

4:04 Thing #2

6:16 Thing #3

7:59 Thing #4

4 Things Stopping you Lose Stubborn Fat

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