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5 Crossfit Lessons to learn from Lauren Fisher


One of the main advantages Lauren holds over her strong competition is her impeccable barbell skills. They can partly be attributed to natural talent – she started specializing in Olympic Lifting just two years before representing the USA in junior meets worldwide- but also to her intense and close work with her head coach CJ Martin, who analyzes her lifts and helps her achieve the impressive numbers she boasts.

This is hard to recreate, of course, as we do not all enjoy the privilege of direct coaching from one of the best coaches in the world. But especially with OLY lifts, there may just be one typical flaw that keeps you from breaking PRs or mastering them perfectly, so it is advisable to take the time to videotape yourself and consult an experienced OLY-Coach. Is your timing on point? How about your bar-path? Once you know what to look out for, proceed to critically observe yourself in regard to your weaknesses.

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