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5 Crossfit Lessons to learn from Lauren Fisher


If you want to achieve excellence, make sure never to take the easy way out.

“Difficult doesn’t mean impossible, it simply means that you have to work hard.”

Combat your weaknesses and make them new strengths

Lauren is a perfect example of great work ethics: With her natural abilities, she could easily focus solely on weightlifting and be done with endurance work and gymnastics, but she enjoys the challenge and continuously works on the skills she needs to improve. After 2015, where she had problems with a legless rope-climb, she was determined to master the skill in her training until the next games. In this year’s regional events, she got to prove her proficiency.

lauren fisher rope climbsSource: CrossFit Inc
work until your weaknesses become your strengths

“Experiences are lessons to be learned”

Indeed, this is why Crossfit is the perfect sport for anyone who loves pushing themselves for improvement: you are never quite done. In your training regimen, even with skills you have seemingly mastered, you’d be surprised what a boost you can get from altering them slightly, going extra tough on yourself

Be Strict

Take, for instance, gymnastics: In competition, the aim is to be as efficient and fast as possible, using kipping techniques to do so. Yet in her training, Lauren does a lot of strict movements like strict handstand pushups (CJ Martin states openly that he doesn’t program kipping HSPUs because of the strain on the neck, and also because he thinks that athletes can profit a lot more from doing the strict version of gymnastics movements).

Even if you’re confident in your gymnastics abilities and manage to finish your WODs in record time, revisiting the slow and painful strain of strict movements will target different muscles and in turn support your kipping technique, making you a better overall athlete.

Try dead stop lifts

Here’s our recommendation for toughing up your strength work: try dead stop lifts. These will help you to work on your power and drive, and test your strength in a new way.


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