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5 Crossfit Lessons to learn from Lauren Fisher


When asked what her goals for the next years are, Lauren dreams big: she wants to win the CrossFit games “maybe one or two times” and compete at the Olympics for the USA in weightlifting. At the rate that she’s impressing us now time and time again, we have no doubt that she will achieve her goals and even exceed them.

Yet what she also manages to convey through all her ambitions is that you should never put so much pressure on yourself that you stop loving what you do. The optimistic and cheerful young woman posted a shout out to all the CrossFit Teen division competitors to enjoy their time in the competition rather than beating themselves up over results.

Perhaps that is Lauren’s most admirable trait: staying down to earth and positive in all of the pressure that comes with being a rising Crossfit star. Maybe that’s the way she manages to get everything done: seeing every part of her life as a component to being happy, working hard to excel in Crossfit, Weightlifting and University, but staying light and positive about them. She can devote herself to all of it at once because not one single passion of hers defines her as a person, so temporary setbacks only drive her to work harder.

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