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6 Full Body Exercises to Improve Your Functional Fitness

Improve your movement, mobility, coordination, balance and strength in many unique and beneficial ways with these exercises.

Use these full body exercises to improve your fitness and performance. 

If you’re the kind of person – like me – who loves to lift weight, you’ll agree there is no cooler way to lift weights than with the barbell. There are no better exercises than the back squat, the barbell strict press and the Olympic lifts. After all, Snatch is life!

I could go down the usual scaremongering route of “OMG! If you don’t do these exercises you’ll get injured!” But in all my years of working with athletes (and myself) I’ve tried a lot of stuff, and I mean A LOT.

I hate wasting my time or anyone else’s for that matter, so if I’m going to pick a “mobility exercise” I’m going to pick something that will give me the best returns possible for the least amount of effort. I can then put my focus into adding weight to my big lifts, the only ones Instagram really cares about.

So let’s get started!


Yes… It looks like Pilates, BUT!

The Side Plank March actually fires up your lateral chain. And from a coaching perspective, it’s gold! It teaches the athlete to stay tight through their trunk with a neutral spine, while simultaneously flexing at the hip! (Squats anyone?)

Key performance points are to keep the shoulders back and have a nice long body and neck, have your hand open and palm flat on the floor, otherwise you turn this great oblique exercise into a crappy shoulder exercise.

Also practice your breathing technique in this position. Its fantastic for your warm up and takes no time at all; 1 min each side or 20 reps each leg on both sides.

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