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8 Fat Burning Swimming CrossFit Workouts for Athletes of All Abilities

Swimming CrossFit Workouts involve one of the best bodyweight exercises you can use in your training. You must maintain good control of your entire body and concentrate on your breathing.

I would highly recommend adding swimming workouts into your routine. It can be hard if there are no swimming pools around, but at least there are lakes, river and even the ocean for you to swim in.

The best thing about the Swimming CrossFit Workouts is that you are already in the pool, you can keep hanging out there for the cooldown and even stop in the sauna or hot tub for recovery.

Swimming CrossFit Workouts

1. Swimming CrossFit Workouts – 1k Swim With A Twist

5 rounds for time

  • 200 m swim
  • 10 Burpees
  • 15 Push Ups
  • 20 Air Squats
  • 25 Sit Ups

Most swimming pools are 25 m long, competitive pools are 50 m long. 200m should be 4 rounds front and back in the pool. It is good to have some sort of a mat under yourself while doing the sit-ups since the bank is not as smooth as a regular gym floor and you can’t wear as many clothes to protect your skin. Good for the burpees too.

2. Swimming CrossFit Workouts – 500m Of Fun 

10 rounds for time

  • 50 m Swim
  • 10 Get Up from Pool
  • 25 m Duck Walk
  • 30 Lunges
  • 40 Boot Strapper
  • 50 Heel Touches

Swim one round, front and back. Get up from the pool is a similar technique to the muscle up. Get up 10 times and jump back into the pool, it gets straining quick. Try using your arms more before putting the leg on the bank.

The duck walk is often forgotten. Go down to a deep squat position and keep your knees to the outside. Walk by the pool to the other side in that position without lifting your behind over the knees.

Boot strapper is a really fun workout that kills your legs. Again go to a deep squat, put your knuckles on the floor and keep them there the whole time. Straighten your legs with your back as straight as you can. Keep bending and straightening your legs for 40 reps.

Heel touches are a good core workout. Lie on your back, bend the knees and keep the feet together. Lift your shoulder blades from the ground and sway side to side to touch each heel.

3. Deep Blue PoolSwimming CrossFit Workouts

6 rounds for time

  • 25 m Swim Sprint
  • 25 m Under Water
  • 45 sec Plank
  • 45 s Wall Sit
  • 30 Leg Raises
  • 30 Supermans
  • 20 Super Dogs
  • 10 Inchworm with Push Up

Swim as fast as you can to the end of the pool, get a big breath and try to go all the way back underwater. Of course, if you feel like you are dying get up for some air and then keep going underwater the rest.

While still catching your breath after the sprint and underwater swim, go straight into the plank and wall sit to calm down.

Leg raises are when you lie on the floor, you can put your palms under your glutes and lift the legs up and down, never resting them on the floor. Keep the core tight and don’t let the lower back lift from the ground.

Superman is basically back extension, lie on your stomach and lift up feet and arms at the same time. Do this exercise slowly to get more muscle tension.

The Super dog is similar, but then you are on four feet and raise the right hand and left foot at the same time, and then switch. This is also better for you if you go slowly and hold the tension.

Inchworm is when you are standing up, put your palms on the ground while your legs are still straight, and walk your hands forward until you are in a plank position, do one push up and walk your hands back to your feet and stand up.

4. Swimming CrossFit Workouts – Brooke Ence

6 rounds for time

  • 50 m swim
  • 10 burpees
  • 50 m swim
  • 15 push ups

Brooke Ence was so nice to post her swimming workout on Instagram for us. 

5. Swimming Around

4 rounds for time

  • 50 m Swim Sprint
  • 50 m Backstroke
  • 25 m Legless Swim
  • 25 m Armless Swim

This may sound a bit weird if you have not done a lot of swimming. Try to make your legs do all the work in the armless swim, and in the legless swim it is harder but push through the 25 m. In the armless swim it gets pretty tough to lift up the head to breath, if you can skip the breathing for 25 m it is fine, otherwise you may use the arms just for to help the head get some air.

swimming crossFit workoutsSource: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

6. Swimming CrossFit Workouts – In The Long Swim

5 rounds for time

  • 500 m Swim
  • 20 Toe Touches
  • 20 Push Ups
  • 30 Squats

The Swim in this workout is a bit longer then the others. The exercises are pretty self explanatory.

Toe touches are when you lie on your back and feet straight up in the air and you reach with your arms, using the core to touch the toes. Tip: touch the floor behind you before touching the toes.

7. High Intensity Swim Sprint

4 rounds for time

  • 100 m Swim
  • 200 m Sprint
  • 100 m Swim
  • 10 Pistols
  • 10 Burpees
  • 2 min rest

If you do this workout, I would recommend having shoes to run in next to the pool, or if there is a grass-covered field next to the pool that you can run on, it is even better. Don’t sprint barefoot on cement, it is a recipe for a disaster.

This workout has high intensity the whole time so use the time between exercises to catch your breath

8. Swimming CrossFit Workouts – Chipper

In the end you will have swum 1500 m. It is nice to break up the swim with some light exercises in between. While the swimming distances get shorter the reps for the exercises get higher.

  • 500 m Swim
  • 15 Push Ups
  • 30 sec Plank
  • 400 m Swim
  • 20 Air Squats
  • 35 sec Plank
  • 300 m Swim
  • 25 Sit Ups
  • 40 sec Plank
  • 200 m Backstroke
  • 30 Pistols
  • 45 sec Plank
  • 100 m Backstroke
  • 35 Lunge jumps
  • 1 min Plank

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