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Gymnastics Skills – 7 Steps To Breaking Through Your Plateaus

I had an athlete who just wanted to get a Strict Handstand Push up someday. She had been doing CrossFit for 3 years at this point. Everything was improving and she had come a really long way. But now that there was a specific goal, we had to audit her time, energy, and actions to see where the inconsistencies were. The worst feeling is when you realize 6 months have gone by and you’re in the same spot as before. Incremental progress keeps us motivated.

As a podcaster, I love asking myself questions because it triggers thought in a variety of ways. So as you’re going through these steps, talk to yourself and maybe even write the answers to the questions down.

Step 1: Find the holes

First, let’s identify what gymnastics skills are you struggling with? What is your goal? Remember the answer to this because you will plug it into later steps.

  • Chest To Bar Pull-Ups
  • Toes To Bar
  • Pistol Squats
  • Ring/Bar Muscle Ups
  • Kipping/Butterfly Pull-ups
  • Handstand Pushups
  • Handstand Walking
  • Etc

improve your movement bar muscle upSource: WODSHOTS
Improve your gymnastic skills

Step 2: Establish your background

Now let’s think about what your current state of training looks like. Ask yourself:

  • How long have I been training? (ex. 3 years)
  • How many days/week do I train? (ex. 4 days / week)
  • What’s the typical duration of my sessions? (ex. 60-90 minutes)

Step 3: Audit

This is the fun question. We can start to really dig into where your time/energy has been going. Don’t gloss past this one either. Feel free to get as detailed as you want. Really think about the flow of how you spend your time at the gym.

What do my training sessions typically consist of? (ex. Strength portion, WODs)

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