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Andrea Roth

Actually I do not have a very sporty background, to be honest, except for Snowboarding. I started Roller Derby in 2012, shortly after I moved from Hamburg to Berlin. As a Rollergirl it is important to do crosstraining, so I started out with functional training and then all of a sudden there was crossfit . It was love at first burpee! I started at 2 trainings a week and now I am at 6-7 (unfortunately there is also a 9to5 job I have to attend to). I've been addicted for almost a year now and the passion's still growing. I aim to be a coach by the end of the year! (not only because I love wearing workout cloths, sooo comfi! I wish I could wear them everyday , all day! Hopefully one day I will) My coaches inspire and push me everyday. I want to give the same to others. I came to crossfit and paleo from a pretty much unhealthy lifestyle, full of diets and bad habits and would not want to go back for anything in the world.


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