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5 Obscure Facts and Stats About the 2021 CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open is over and even with the Quarterfinals just behind us, there is still a lot of fun facts and information to dig about the first stage of the season. As the process to establish the Fittest Man and Woman in each country gets underway, here are a few CrossFit curiosities that might have slipped through your radar and that BOXROX thinks you should know.

2021 CrossFit National Champions

Note, the National Champions list is not final. Earlier this year, CrossFit announced a new way to establish who gets crowned as Fittest Man or Woman in their country. Previously, the highest-ranked athlete on the CrossFit Open leaderboard would receive the title and become the National Champion.

Now, the athlete in each country who makes it the furthest into the CrossFit season, all the way to the CrossFit Games, becomes the Fittest in their Country.

2021 crossfit national champions qualificationSource: BOXROX

You can check out the official National Champions list for men here and for women here.

CrossFit Open Fun Facts – Country’s Fittest

The list of National Champions will change throughout the CrossFit season, depending on how many athletes from each country pass through the Quarterfinals, reach the Semifinals, and ultimately the CrossFit Games.

However, a few athletes around the world can already claim to be the fittest in their territory. That is because they ranked best in the CrossFit Open leaderboard, and no one in their country managed to make the cutline to the Quarterfinals.

In total, 32 men and 30 women from their respective countries can put a crown on their heads and claim to be the fittest in the land.

Check out the list of the athletes who are already the Fittest in their Country:

North America – Male

Country Name Worldwide position
Barbados Richy Jordan 18306
Bahamas James Thompson 24312
Dominica Mazen Harake 73676
Haiti Gladimy Coffy 38305
Saint Lucia Heskeith Flavien 28820

North America – Female

Country Name Worldwide position
Antigua and Barbuda Ali Maginley 69349
Bahamas Ryen Robinson 41781
Belize Mirella Bacab 15853
Grenada Sasha Jones 28769
Saint Lucia Charlie Gillmor 39214
Trinidad and Tobago Marisa Degannes 36911

Europe – Male

Country Name Worldwide position
Andorra Edu Bouso 15785
Armenia Robert Dallakian 34364
Azerbaijan Nadir Imamaliyev 19046
Liechtenstein Sandro Lang 19260

Europe – Female

Country Name Worldwide position
Albania Asimelda Levenishti Limieri 44154
Azerbaijan Natalie Wirth 78601
Georgia Nino Goguadze 20587
Liechtenstein Jhanine Banzer 17940
Moldova Olesea Cojohari 10288
Montenegro Mia Matkovic 20172
Kosovo Alisa Hasani 16433

Africa – Male

Country Name Worldwide position
Benin Hafiz Tiomoko Ali 54921
Botswana Katlego Kgwadi 29181
Congo Yani Litho 58915
Cape Verde David Silva 92184
Djibouti James DeSimone 60606
Ethiopia Elim Thomas 58330
Libya Mohamed Sarkaz 77295
Malawi Khumbo Jere 91825
Seychelles Ivan Leong 51998
Sudan Mohamed Alhassan 34637
Tanzania Emanuel Shila 100227

Africa – Female

Country Name Worldwide position
Cameroon Estelle Laisin 78561
Algeria Yasmine Boudaoud 28980
Mauritius Masha’ael Peerbux 15908
Mozambique Isabel Seu 18067
Senegal Yasmine Sayegh 35483
Sudan Fay Mohammed 59195
Uganda Millie Busuulwa 17673
Zambia Kim Otteby 21925

Asia – Male

Country Name Worldwide position
Afghanistan Jawed Hussaini 88941
Bangladesh A S M Sarwar Zahan 84253
Cambodia Kobe Khy 19402
Laos Virakone Sengchanh 79322
Maldives Yazz Abbas 63671
Nepal Buddha Gurung 31320
Qatar Rashid Alkuwari 23753
Yemen Salem Baragaa 78172
Vietnam Hoang Vi Tang 17358

Asia – Female

Country Name Worldwide position
Bangladesh Fatima Rashid 46168
Iraq Lena Albazie 34382
Sri Lanka Hiruni Perera 19282
Mongolia Maralerdene Bayart 20203
Oman Aala Noorani 18334

Oceania – Male

Country Name Worldwide position
Fiji James Colata 16503
Nauru Hi George Quadina 27575
Papua New Guinea Kila Kilaverave 55319

Oceania – Female

Country Name Worldwide position
Fiji Charnele Chow 39550
Palau Deena Ngiraiwet 44359
Solomon Islands Lynette Kairi 37049
Vanuatu Lenise Monteiro 11325

CrossFit Curiosities – South America Is Most Competitive Continent

South America is the only continent where not a single country has determined a National Champion, so the race to become the Fittest Man or Woman is still on.

Every South American country that participated in the CrossFit Open managed to get at least two men and two women invited to the Quarterfinals.

Sasha NievasSource: Photo courtesy of Sasha Nievas

Note: Quarterfinal stats have not been included.

Youngest Fittest

The youngest athletes to top their countries leaderboard after the Open were 16 years old! They were:



  • Emma Lawson – 16 years old – Canada (North America)

Note: Elion Bobani and Emma Lawson are not officially Kosovo’s Fittest Man and Canada’s Fittest Woman respectively yet.

Oldest Fittest

The oldest CrossFit National Champion around the world is 51 years old!


  • Yani Litho – 51 years old – The Democratic Republic of the Congo (Africa)


CrossFit Curiosities – Name Your Kid Emma or James

Among the list of the fittest by country, taking into consideration only the CrossFit Open leaderboard, Emma is the most common name among women while James is for men. There are four women named Emma and four man named James who managed to get the best CrossFit Open position in 2021.

It might just be a coincidence, or maybe this under-the-radar is one of those CrossFit curiosities that only a handful of people know. Would it hurt to name your future kid Emma or James just to give her/him an extra advantage to getting fit?

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