Banned CrossFit Athlete Explains Why She Used PEDs

Rachel Campbell is one of the Crossfitters that recently received a 4 year sanction for testing positive for PEDs. She competed in the South Regional and reportedly had a metabolite of oxandrolone in her body.



“Last year at Regionals 2017, I tore my right bicep. This injury was incredibly devastating to me and ended my year of training in a flash. 

I sought out help from an amazing Physical Therapist in Texas, who helped me make small gains. I couldn’t use my right arm for about 6 months and suffered from nerve damage. In August, I moved to Arizona to be able to concentrate full time on training. This gave me the opportunity to get my arm healthy and body healthy. I sought out additional help through a Physical Therapist here in Arizona. He did everything he could to help get my arm healthy through acupuncture, dry needling, cupping, scrapping, stimming, etc. unfortunately we would make steps forward, but also steps back.

My pain would come and go for months. I was diagnosed with a bicep strain through an ultra sound. This prevented me from doing any kind of pulling.I sought out additional help through a medical doctor to help reduce the pain. My doctor first recommended I use a growth hormone. Due to the substantial expenses, I was not able to afford this drug. My doctor recommended oxandrolone instead to help with the bicep strain, muscle loss, muscle strength and pain.

I listened to my doctor and was under her care for this drug use.My pain was reduced and my arm began to make small gains.I took this drug to help me get back to where my arm was before my previous injury. My fitness was decreasing dramatically, which was causing depression and anxiety. I listened to my doctor’s recommendation and trusted her medical advice.

I understand that this drug can be easily abused and I in no way was trying to cheat. I was simply wanting to get my body healthy and back to where I was before my injury. I submitted my Therapeutic Use Exemption, including my full diagnosis and treatment records signed by my doctor, demonstrating that I exhausted all all other possible treatments before resorting to Oxandrolone to Crossfit, but unfortunately they denied my Therapeutic Use Exemption.

I understand to many that this will be upsetting and disappointing. This does not define who I am. I am now able to train pain free! Thank you to everyone who supports me on this journey of life.”?

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