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The Best Hypertrophy Guide to Rear and Side Delts

Take your shoulder training to the next level.

This video of the Best Hypertrophy Guide to Rear and Side Delts is one of many excellent videos from Mike Israetal from Renaissance Periodization.

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You need strong shoulders to be able to lift, push, and pull without injury. Here is a break down of exactly what the different types of delts are and how they work.

Side Delts / Lateral Delts

Your lateral delts, or lateral deltoids, is the middle part of your shoulder muscle.

They originate on the acromion of your shoulder blade and insert on your humerus (upper arm bone).

The main functions are to abduct your shoulder, as well as keep your arm in place when you are lifting or carrying heavy loads.

Rear Delts

The rear (posterior) deltoid also aids in externally rotating your shoulders, as you do when you rotate your hands out to make the gesture for “I don’t know”.

These muscles all work together to keep your shoulders stable for daily functions like carrying heavy grocery bags with your arms down at your sides. But the posterior deltoids can be tricky to target in the gym.

Here is how to grow and strengthen both your side and rear delts.

Best Hypertrophy Guide to Rear and Side Delts – Video

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